CAW Women on the Move

Gander, Newfoundland

April 11, 2005

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CAW Women on the Move
dated April 11, 2005

 Gander, Newfoundland
April 11, 2005

       CAW sisters from across Newfoundland met in Gander April 6 & 7 to share ideas and information on how to mobilize sisterhood power, both in their work places and their communities.
       One of the key speakers at the seminar, Mary Shortall, national rep for the Canadian Labour Congress said women's power is in their solidarity.

 Mary Shortall
National CLC Rep.

       "Our power doesn't lie in our ability to change by making big decisions. Our power doesn't lie by sitting on the board of directors of big companies, or getting money every month in dividends from all the investments overseas. Our power comes from the strength that we get from each other. How we make changes in the workplace, just like how we make changes in our families, in our communities, and province and the country is based on coming together."

       The sisters were urged by Lana Payne, research and communications director for the FFAW-CAW, to get involved. She said women's issues will never be dealt with if women don't lead the fight. 

Lana Payne
FFAW CAW Research & Communications

       "If you're not part of the decision making somebody else is doing it for you, which means that the things that you find important to you may not be reflected in the decisions that are being made. Because if you are not putting forward your ideas then no one is going to take care of them." 

        The FFAW-CAW Regional Focus group spent the first day bringing the sisters up to speed on how they can effectively deal with the Employment Insurance rules. The focus of the second day was "Women On The Move". CAW National Women's Director Julie White stressed that women activists in every workplace play a key role in making change happen. 

Julie White
CAW Women's Director

       "We can run campaigns from a national level but if we don't have women in our communities and our workplaces taking that message back those campaigns will never be successful and we'll never make change. It's about that big political piece that we are doing."

       In work shops and small discussion groups the women dealt with a myriad of ideas and issues. Many, like Lavina Brown of Salvage, Newfoundland came away determined to make a difference.

 Lavina Brown
FFAW-CAW Salvage Nfld.

       "It has helped us, I think, to be able to take it back to our plant and to be more active with women's committees and women's issues. We don't have an active women's committee right now. I should say yesterday. Today we do, because we're it. We're going to be the new women's committee in our plant. We're going to start it up."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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