CAMI Plant To Build The 2006 Pontiac Torrent

Ingersol, Ontario

March 3, 2005

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CAMI Plant To Build The 2006 Pontiac Torrent
dated March 3, 2005

 Ingersol, Ontario
March 2, 2005
       The CAMI plant in Ingersol, Ontario, is getting a new vehicle to build and 400 new jobs as part of the $2.5 billion General Motors Canada Beacon project. GM Canada's General Director of Engineering Maryann Combs made the announcement in Ingersol March 2nd.

 Mary Ann Combs
GM Canada

       "It is my great pleasure to announce that CAMI Automotive and GM Canada will invest more than $500 million in new plant operations and vehicle engineering and CAMI will be the home for the all new 2006 Pontiac Torrent."

       Assistant to the CAW national Secretary Treasurer Peter Kennedy said this is the reward after years of tough sledding at the CAMI operation. 

Peter Kennedy
Assistant to CAW National Sec. Treasurer

       "The membership of Local 88. They have earned this investment. They have continued to build a quality product. GM has recognized that by putting the Torrent in here, and we will do that far into the future, build a quality product in a productive and efficient manner."

       Plant chair Kevin Brooke, said it was almost an anniversary present for the workers at CAMI. 

Kevin Brooke
CAW Plant Chair CAMI

       "Approximately a year ago almost to the day we received the Equinox which is a sibling to the Pontiac Torrent, which obviously has injected a lot of enthusiasm both here and in the community and today's announcement will add a lot of jobs to our plant, a lot of equipment to our plant and hopefully a promising future."

       The federal and provincial Ministers of Labour, Joe Fontana and Chris Bentley said the credit for attracting this investment belongs to the workers. 

Joe Fontanad
Federal Minister of Labour

       "It's not only the federal and provincial governments, but it is the partnership of the corporation with its employees who work hard each and everyday bringing their talents and hard work to make this thing happen." 

Chris Bentley
Ontario Minister of Labour

       "Excellence starts with the people who work at GM and people who work right here in CAMI.
       You know if it wasn't for the excellence of the workers, the CAW, management, the engineering and all the other we wouldn't be here today."

       The Torrent, like the Equinox, will be designed in Canada and built at the CAMI facility.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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