Walk The Talk Rally

Toronto, Ontario

November 25, 2005

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Walk The Talk Rally
Walk The Talk Rally
dated November 29, 2005

November 28, 2005
Toronto, Ontario

       Despite the pouring rain, women's rights activists rallied in front of the Ontario legislature in Toronto November 28th to un-officially open the Finding Common Ground Conference On Domestic Violence.
       Peggy Nash, assistant to the Canadian Auto Workers union national president called for immediate government action.

Peggy Nash
Assistant to CAW National President

       On the eve of this important conference on domestic violence, we want to call on our provincial government to take action to end violence against women. We want action now, we don't want to keep adding names.

       The activists carried placards with the names of women killed by domestic violence in the past year. Phyllis Foster of Caw Local 1285 and Elizabeth Ferretti of CAW Local 199 echoed the thoughts of the speakers who pointed to the economic, social and political inequities in our society which encourages violence against women and the lack of laws with teeth in them

Phyllis Foster
CAW Local 1285

       "Men being accused of beating their wives and yet they are out within four hours. It just doesn't end. There were 22 deaths this year and we have to stop this now. We need more severe penalties."

Elizabeth Ferretti
CAW Local 199

       "What we need to do is all come together and eliminate situations that create violence. Situations in its most simplistic form as pay equity that we have advocated for years now, equal pay for equal work, immigrant workers. There are so many things that we can do as a Canadian society to make simple changes that will create great benefits for our women."

       CAW Women's Director Julie White summed up the feeling of the activists at the rally.

Julie White
CAW Women's Director

       "This is the 16th anniversary of the Montreal massacre. And you look around here tonight and there were names of women all over, around us that were still being murdered by their partners and ex-partners in this province and quite frankly across the country and it is time to stop. We need to stop fund raising for women's shelters and we need real government money into women's shelters and programs and women's economic equality in this country to make change."

       Nash, said the CAW has made progress in the fight against violence against women but it goes beyond what the union can do.

Peggy Nash
Assistant to CAW National President

       "We feel we have made a difference. But you know what? Women keep dying and it is not enough! We need our government to take action now. We are calling on this provincial government to require every employer in this province to have a violence prevention strategy for their workplace."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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