CAW Marks International Day for the Elimination of Racism

March 20, 2006

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CAW Marks International Day For The Elimination of Racism
CAW Marks International Day For The Elimination of Racism
dated March 20, 2006

Toronto, Ontario
March 19, 2006

       In various Canadian Auto Workers union locals across Canada, the union's diverse membership marked the International Day For The Elimination of Racism on March 21st. In Toronto, on Sunday March 19th workers and their families gathered at Local 112 to celebrate their diversity and their commitment to anti-racism.
       Various speakers recounted the tragic killing of 69 people in South Africa who protested against apartheid in 1960 and the need to continue to oppose racism around the world. CAW National Executive Board Director Vince Bailey said the CAW has been in the forefront, in the fight against racism among Canadians and immigrants.

Vince Bailey
CAW N.E.B. Secretary-Treasurer

       "A lot of the people who come to Canada come with their own racism, with their own thoughts and they don't know any better. Then when we try to educate them we teach them exactly what it is all about. How to correct it, how to get rid of it and live in one nation with everybody."

       Canadian Labour Congress Secretary Treasurer Hassan Yussuff said racism should be fought by getting involved personally and politically.

Hassan Yusuff
CLC Sec. Treasurer

       "We've got a tremendous job ahead of us. And more importantly our complacency is not going to get us what we rightly deserve in our society and in our country. Most of you are going to have to take responsibility to get involved and you union is the best vehicle."

       Newly elected MP Peggy Nash, former assistant to CAW's national president, commended the participants in their efforts to break down the barriers between people and vowed her support in the on going struggle against racism.

Peggy Nash

       "My commitment to the labour community is to fight on behalf of working people, not just in our city but right across the country and the anti-racism agenda is a fundamental part of our solidarity as labour activists."

       CAW Organizing Director John Aman said the union has created the framework to eliminate racism and is making progress in implementing those policies.

John Aman
CAW Organizing Director

       "It can never be fast enough for a lot of people but understanding that these things do take time and they just can't happen over night, I think as long as we are taking steps forward I think that is a very positive move."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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