CAW Local 1001 Wins Strike at Sterling Truck

March 27, 2006

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CAW Local 1001 Wins Strike At Sterling Truck
CAW Local 1001 Wins Strike At Sterling Truck
dated March 27, 2006

London, Ontario
March 25, 2006

       After a tough 15 day strike, the 2,000 workers at Sterling Truck plant in St. Thomas, Ontario, won major improvements in wages, pensions, benefits and job security. Bargaining chair, Richard Laverty told the members of Canadian Auto Workers union Local 1001 the bargaining committee was able to win pension plan improvements despite company resistance.

Richard Laverty
CAW Local 1001 Bargaining Chair

       "We said to them, "you take a look at South Edgewood Road, where there's 2,000 people standing on the street saying "if we don't get improvements in those pensions there'll be no smoke coming out of those smoke stacks for a long time."

       CAW national representative, Jerry Dias, said the worker's solidarity won them a fair share of the wealth they were creating for the company.

Jerry Dias
CAW Nat. Rep.

       "We moved the needle significantly in all three years of the collective agreement. Instead of bringing you back a collective agreement of 4.5% of increases over three years; we bring you back today a wage package that has a 2.5% wage increase in the first year, 2.7 in the second year and 3% in the third year."

       Bob Chernecki, assistant to CAW national president Buzz Hargrove congratulated the three year old local for their courage and solidarity in the face of unreasonable company demands.

Bob Chernecki
Assist To National Pres.

       "To them this was about keeping control. This was about them lessening the package, even less than what we were able to bargain three years ago. And I'm incredibly proud to join your bargaining committee and Jerry Dias and stand before you and say the hell with that! We took you out and today I believe this is the best agreement that we've bargained."

       Local 1001 president, Greg Anderson, told the over 14 hundred members attending the ratification meeting in London Ontario on Saturday, March 25th, that the company should learn from this strike.

Greg Anderson
CAW Local 1001 Pres.

       "If they do it again, we'll do it again. It's part of bargaining, it's an unfortunate part, that the company boxed us into forcing us on strike, but at the end of the day we came out on top as we said we would and we got an agreement that was a fantastic deal for our membership."

       The members were quick to express their support of their bargaining committee.

Jill Bolonga
CAW 1001

       "I'm pleased with it. I think the gentlemen did a great job."

Walt Provencher
CAW Local 1001

       "I'm just happy with everything. The contract looks great and I'm looking forward to going to work."

Jorse Silverio
CAW Local 1001

       "It's excellent. The union fought very hard for what we really stand for and we are pretty proud."

       The production workers voted 92% and the skilled trades vote 95% in favour of the new deal.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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