CAW Fights Harper's Dismantling of the National Childcare Program

April 5, 2006

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CAW Fights Harper's Dismantling of The National Childcare Program
CAW Fights Harper's Dismantling of The National Childcare Program
dated April 5, 2006

London, Ontario
April 4, 2006

       Canadian Auto Workers union leadership across Canada are getting behind the fight for the $5 billion dollar national childcare program the newly elected Conservative government cancelled when they took office.

Kitchener, Ontario
April 4, 2006

       CAW Director of Women's Programs, Julie White told leaders in London and Kitchener, Ontario, April 4th, that the CAW, working with childcare activists across the country, has launched the "Mr. Harper - A Deal Is A Deal" campaign to restore the national childcare program.

Julie White
CAW Dir. Women's Programs

       "We know when we take on the fight for childcare, if we get everybody engaged in it, and as Carol said, "childcare is not a women's issue". It's a family issue; it's a community issue. It builds our nation. There's no more important thing that we can do, in terms of our families and supporting them, is to give our kids a good start in life."

       The CAW has set up an E-mail campaign to apply public pressure on the Harper government in Ottawa. White urges all members to go to the website and use the "Take Action Now" form.

Julie White
CAW Dir. Women's Programs

       "We want you to come out and join in the broader fight; but if all you can commit to is getting on the website and sending that E-mail that's incredibly important because we can win this fight."

       The union is also gearing up to take it to the streets if necessary according to Carol Phillips, assistant to CAW national president, Buzz Hargrove.

Carol Phillips
Assist. To National President

       "It's now up to us as social activists, as trade unionists, as community activists to make sure that we take this fight on hard. We push back hard against the Harper government and we make it really clear to the Harper government that as far as we're concerned the children of this country are the collective responsibility of this country and we need a national childcare program."

       The leadership unanimously endorsed the "Mr. Harper - A Deal Is A Deal" fight back. CAW national president, Buzz Hargrove, said they should be prepared for a tough fight, because the opposition parties are more concerned about politics than childcare.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW National President

       "It is not going to be about making gains for people in Canada like the last parliament was. This is going to be about political gains, political opportunism, making a pretty face on a pretty ugly future to make it look like something it isn't."
       "I'm not just talking about Harper. He's going to do that for sure, but so are the NDP, so are the Liberals and so are the Bloc Quebecois."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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