CAW Joins the Stop the Violence Walk

June 20, 2006

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CAW Joins The Stop The Violence Walk
CAW Joins The Stop The Violence Walk
dated June 8 2006

       "As loud as you can, One, Two, Three, "ARGOS" Great, thank you."
       "Hey guys, glad you guys came out today, gave up your Sunday, especially you guys who could have been spending your time with your Fathers, appreciating all the things he's done for you in your life."

Toronto, Ontario
June 18, 2006

       The Toronto Argonaut Football team and the Toronto Police Association were joined by several thousand supporters in the "Stop The Violence Walk" through downtown Toronto on Fathers' Day June 18, 2006.
       Among the thousands were members of the Canadian Auto Workers union and its president, Buzz Hargrove.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW national president

       "I'm absolutely proud to be here as part of the "Stop The Violence" campaign that is being led by the Argos and the Toronto Police Association to show our union's support for the many, many young people who have lost their lives over the last few years in downtown Toronto. It is crucial that the community come together to say that this is not something that we are prepared to tolerate. We're prepared to do something about it and that is why we are here today."

       Paul Goggan, CAW National GM Health & Safety Coordinator and his family were among the CAW members who joined the walk in solidarity.

Paul Goggan
CAW National GM Health & Safety Coordinator

       "There is a lot of violence in Toronto and the CAW is a part of stopping it and with the Toronto Argonauts it is a great day and fun to be out here today and everything that is going on."

       Frankie Lazarus, the associate pastor of the Toronto West Seventh Day Adventist Church where a youth was killed in a drive by shooting during a funeral ceremony last year, said this type of gathering gives people hope.

Pastor Frankie Lazarus
Toronto West Seventh Day Adventist Church

       "Every little thing helps. And these guys with their stature; with their position in society can be effective role models. I do believe that athletes can be good role models and just to see these guys out here today, it goes a long way to helping other young men to see that "yes you can do something positive with your life other than settle for the issues of violence."

       While pleased with the number of people who turned out for the "Stop The Violence Walk" CAW president Hargrove said it's not about numbers, its about raising public awareness.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW national president

       "The publicity that this will garner for this issue in this city, those are the things that are important; that the community knows there are people out there who really care and are prepared to take some time and come out on Fathers' Day and say, "we are fed up with the violence and we want to join with those who want to end the violence."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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