CAW Ratifies New Bombardier Contract

June 26, 2006

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CAW-Ratifies New Bombardier Contract
CAW-Ratifies New Bombardier Contract
dated June 26, 2006

Toronto, Ontario
June 25, 2006

       CAW Local 112 production members voted 80% in favour of a new three year agreement with Bombardier deHavilland in Toronto Sunday June 25th. The skilled trades voted 84 % for the deal. Local 112 president Roland Kiehne said the solidarity of the membership played a key role in getting the wage and pension gains.

Roland Kiehne
CAW Local 112 President

       "The strike mandate was absolutely integral to the process. Our membership overwhelmingly by a vote of 97% supported their bargaining committee and it played a key role in getting the kind of agreement we have here today. Absolutely no question about that."

       During bargaining the company had demanded the elimination of the drug plan for new retirees. The bargaining committee refused and threatened to break off negotiations. Kiehne said that turned the tide.

Roland Kiehne
CAW Local 112 President

       "Within a short period of time we were back at the bargaining table and brothers and sisters I am proud to report that the elimination of drugs for future retirees was gone, off the table."

       CAW national secretary treasurer Jim O'Neil said the bargaining committee was determined to get a better deal for its members and not give concessions to the company.

Jim O'Neil
CAW National Sec. - Treasurer

       "This round of bargaining really came at a time when DeHavilland had orders on the books, the immediate future is healthy, much different, as most of you can remember, from 2003; and we took the position that it was our turn now. Our members deserved a fair share."
       "Wage and COLA improvements will average over 8.5 % during the agreement. These increases range from between $2.40 to $2.70 depending on your wage group."

       Plant chair Merv Gray said pension gains were the number one priority for the members.

Merv Gray
Local 112 Plant Chairperson

       "Without any shadow of a doubt I stand here very proudly today to say that we have achieved that goal. The final offer that we got in the early morning, Friday morning at 4:30 relieved this committee, that worked very, very hard, and I believe we brought you back a very, very good pension return here. Seven dollars up front with a dollar in the supplementary. It's the first time we have done that in 15-16 years I believe."

       CAW Local 673 clerical voted 91% in favour of the contract; the technical workers voted 68% in favour.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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