CAW - Made in Canada Matters Campaign

June 28, 2006

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CAW-Made In Canada Matters Campaign
CAW-Made In Canada Matters Campaign
dated June 28, 2006

Toronto, Ontario
June 27, 2006

       The Canadian Auto Workers union joined the "Made In Canada Matters" campaign at Toronto City hall June 27, 2006, to ensure that the Bombardier plant in Thunder Bay keeps the contract to build the new subway cars for the Toronto Transit Commission. John Cartwright, president of the Toronto and York Region Labour Council told the demonstrators, jobs in the GTA are on the line as well.

John Cartwright
Pres. Toronto & York Region Labour Council

       "We have an incredible interest, a vital interest as working people to ensure that that investment produces jobs for ourselves, our neighbours and our communities, but more importantly keeps jobs in this country so that the next generation, whether they are here today or they are going to arrive tomorrow morning on an airplane, that next generation has jobs."

       Toronto Mayor David Miller, along with several councilors including Paula Fletcher said they will fight any move to cancel the Bombardier contract.

David Miller
Toronto Mayor

       "We have to be as strong and as tough to protect our jobs, our technology and our industries as every other country is. And that is what we are doing at the City of Toronto. We're going to keep fighting to support jobs, to support good Canadian jobs and to support our workers in this country. Thanks very much for being out here today. Made in Canada Matters."

Paula Fletcher
Toronto Councillor

       "I'm behind this fight 100 per cent and will be working to keep these jobs in Canada and other jobs in Canada. This is a fight for our families, for your families across this city and across the GTA."

       Well over a hundred representatives from various unions took part in the "Made In Canada Matters" campaign. Bob Chernecki, assistant to CAW national president Buzz Hargrove called for all cities to buy Canadian.

Bob Chernecki
Assistant to CAW national President

       "Enough is enough! We're going to protect the jobs of Ontarians and Canadians and I urge everyone of you to go home today and e-mail or write these councilors and put them on notice that we are going to stand up for Canadian jobs and Ontario jobs and we are not going to put up with the rhetoric that our jobs belong offshore in China."

       Canadian Labour Congress president Ken Georgetti dismissed the claims that opening the contract would save millions of dollars.

Ken Georgetti
CLC President

       "Do you think Siemens could really beat Bombardier in a bid? They don't do it all over the world. They are saying they can save 100 million dollars. It's not true! Bombardier beats them on bids all the time, but Siemens says that, because they want to create some controversy, because they don't like mayors who say Canadian tax dollars should create Canadian jobs. We're saying that here in Ontario they should."

       The demonstration moved into the Toronto Council chambers where their very presence sent a message to the council.
       Meanwhile Chernecki says the Toronto fight is just part of the campaign to protect Canadian jobs.

Bob Chernecki
Assistant to CAW national President

       "There is a bigger picture here. You look today at what is happening to the auto industry. Now they are talking about doing a free trade agreement with Korea which will further erode and destroy the important jobs in this industry. No matter where you look here there are those who think that globalization is the answer to cost saving. It never has been and never will be."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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