CAW Delegates Re-elect Buzz Hargrove, Jim O'Neil and Luc Desnoyer

August 17, 2006

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CAW Delegates Re-elect Buzz Hargrove, Jim O'Neil and Luc Desnoyer
CAW Delegates Re-elect Buzz Hargrove, Jim O'Neil and Luc Desnoyer
dated August 17, 2006

       It was election day at the CAW 8th Constitutional Convention in Vancouver B.C. Thursday, August 17th and delegates moved into the convention hall with an air of excitement and anticipation. Ken Lewenza, President of CAW Local 444 nominated a long time member of his local for national president.


Ken Lewenza
Local 444

       "I would so gladly ask all of the delegates to join with me and join with me in unanimously endorsing our national president who is not only a colleague, but I love him to death as much as my own family, for national president Buzz Hargrove."


Bob White
Former CAW President

       "There are no other nominations, I declare nominations closed and declare brother Buzz Hargrove elected as president of CAW."
       "Brother Hargrove do you accept or decline?"
       "I accept with the greatest respect for the delegation here and the greatest respect and thanks for my nominator. Thank you very, very much delegates."

       Along with Hargrove, Secretary-Treasurer Jim O'Neil and Quebec Director Luc Desnoyer were both re-elected by acclamation. The Hargrove team will lead the CAW for the next three years. In his acceptance speech Hargrove promised to prepare the union for the future.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW National President

       "As I head into my final term, your endorsement here today will not lead to disappointment. When I first got elected, and I have said this to my colleagues, the thing that is most important to me is not what I have done while I have worked with the union, it's what I leave; that I ensure the legacy of social activism, tough militant collective bargaining, challenging the corporations, challenging the governments to do the right thing on behalf of working people, playing a role in making the world a better place."
       "My commitment to you as we leave this convention, my role is going to be succession, getting people and lining up the next team. I have to work very closely with Jimmy, and his advice is going to be critical, and the assistants but we are going to put in a team of people, as Bob White and Bob Nickerson did that is going to lead this union." 

       Also speaking at the convention was Marcello Malentacchi, General Secretary of the International Metal Workers Federation. He said the best way to protect Canadian jobs was to support workers around the world.

Marcello Malentacchi
Gen Sec. IMF

       "I believe in the long run, the best insurance for our jobs here in Canada is to build up strong, democratic, independent and autonomous unions in China. There is no other way out."

       The convention wrapped up it's deliberations with a renewed commitment to build the union through organizing the unorganized and mobilizing its members politically.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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