CAW Demands Harper Supports Environment Treaty

December 5, 2009

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CAW Demands Harper Supports Environment Treaty
CAW Demands Harper Supports Environment Treaty
dated December 5, 2009

Toronto, Ontario
December 5, 2009

Toronto, Ontario
December 5, 2009

Sherry Hillman
CAW Council Environment Committee Chair

       "This recommendation could not be more urgent and timely. Brothers and Sisters the next two weeks in Copenhagen is going to be a crucial time for the very survival of our planet for humanity and every living species. The world will be watching and demanding action and mobilizing like never before on this issue. Failure is not an option because everything is at stake."

Angelo DiCaro
Communications Dept.

       "The reason why Copenhagen is such an important time. Once Kyoto expires there is no international climate deal that the world can live by with hard emission targets. So this is it."

Paul Pugh
CAW Local 1075

       "New standards that come out of Copenhagen are going to have to be fair. And that means they have to take into account the needs of other countries to also develop their economies and that can not be an excuse for Harper to refuse to contribute Canada's share to saving the planet from continually ongoing increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere."

Trevor Alway
President CAW Local 4050

       "I like that it's going to promote healthy sustainable good green jobs in our communities. And it will enable workers greening their workplaces through political action and bargaining. And I think the best solutions come from us and that's why they need to start on the support of this recommendation"

Nick Decarlo
Health & Safety Department

       "I think its absolutely critical that we move ahead to develop the solutions to these problems and not wait for the market to do it. Workers in the communities have to come up with practical solutions with what are very difficult and complex problems. How do we actually green the economy and create green jobs, the market is not going to do it. So we have to come up with the solutions, we have to have program of demands and we have to have action that will actually force change."

Ken Bondy
National Coordinator

       "Brothers and Sisters, this is not only our future, but our children's future. And I think we have a right, we have a responsibility to provide the safest environment possible while we're at this leadership position."

CAW Fighting Back Makes A Difference.

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