Scarborough Zellers Workers Blockade Brampton Distribution Centre

July 31, 2009

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Scarborough Zeller Workers Blockade Brampton Distribution Centre
Scarborough Zellers Workers Blockade Brampton Distribution Centre
dated July 31, 2009

Brampton, Ontario
July 31, 2009

Brampton, Ontario
July 31, 2009

Christine Connor
Pres. CAW Local 414 National Executive Board

       "We've got a warehouse is Scarborough. Zellers warehouse, we're on strike there. And what they've done is transferred all the work from that warehouse to this warehouse. To the non-union warehouse. And we're here today shutting them down and letting them know to get back to the bargaining table."

Stephen Moses
Unit Chairperson Zellers Distribution

       "All of this was intended to break a movement. To break our unity and destroy our union in the process. But we are stronger than ever. We are more motivated. And lastly we intend to exercise our buying power coast to coast until this company understands the power of the people."

Bob Orr
Assistant to CAW National President

       "We see it as an attack not only on retail workers, not only on warehouse workers, but an attack on the whole retail sector. They're trying to lower the wage on a sector that's becoming increasingly important. It's not just an attack on the Zellers members, it's an attack on the retail sector as a whole. So what we're doing here is we're fighting back. Our members here at this local, at this bargaining table, fought for full time jobs. They fought for a good wage. The fought for decent benefit package. They have no intention of rolling back the clock and moving to part time, low wage agency workers that have no rights. It's not going to happen here. It's not going to happen in our union."

Dwayne Gunness
Pres. Local 1000

       "Our work is going on right now in this building. They have transferred all our work right behind you. And look around, the yard is full. It's full of trailers that should be on Metropolitan Road where we should be working. They have denied us the ability to come in and earn a decent wage and come in and provide for our families, our community. And that's not acceptable."

James Davy
Zellers Distribution 17 Year Employee

       "Our children need to go to school. We need to put food on the table. We have rent, mortgages, all kind of bills coming' in from everybody. How can we survive with this? The company not doing nothing for us. They said they're not making money, they lie. They make millions of dollar."

Abdul Samir
Coordinator for the USW Workers Without Job Project

       "This fight is very necessary. We have to walk the picket line on this fight for the workers in Scarborough at the distribution centre. Of we don't walk the picket line here, when we know it's necessary, this company, these owners, these equity owners would try to do it all over."

John Cartwright
Toronto & York Region Labour Council

       "Bad things happen if you don't know how to stand up for yourselves. Sisters and brothers, that what this picket line is here, that what we're all here for. I think the CAW's slogan standing up, fighting back makes a difference, is what it's all about in this twenty-first century."

Bob Orr
Assistant to CAW National President

       "This company is coast to coast. This union is coast to coast. We will not have business as usual."

CAW Fighting Back Makes A Difference.

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