McMaster Workers Demand Fair Deal

July 23, 2009

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McMaster Workers Demand Fair Deal
McMaster Workers Demand Fair Deal
dated July 23, 2009

Hamilton, Ontario
July 23, 2009

Hamilton, Ontario
July 23, 2009

Matt Root
Pres. CAW Local 555

       "McMaster right now is capitalizing on people's fear and insecurity about the economic crisis to cut pension plans and slash benefits even when they can afford them. The university is telling you that if they make this dramatic change to the pension plan and introduce an RRSP plan for new hires that it is not going to impact us. That simply is not true. The defined benefit pension plan needs new entrants into it to keep it viable. If you cut new entrants into the plan the plan is gong to be put under a great deal of stress and if there is another market turn down it could very well be that, you know, let's wind up the plan."

Barry Diacon
Bargaining Committee Chair

       "The most important thing in the employer's proposal that they don't mention is that they want total control of the job evaluation system. They want a plan where they evaluate all the jobs and there is no jointness to the system anymore and this is something that will have an immediate impact on all of our members and which our members at the last meeting told us clearly that they don't want it."

Ken Lewenza
CAW National President

       "McMaster management group have said, "You're rushing into coming to some kind of a conclusion. You guys are pushing us too far here." I think we haven't pushed them far enough because our contract expired, our contract, our contract expired in June. Brothers and sisters this is your voice. This is your union. This is your opportunity to send a message to the employer that we are united and you have the commitment of the national president from our national organization that you have got the full support of our union."

Dale Poole
CAW Local 555

       "We have to stand up for the students. We have to stand up for ourselves. We have to stand up for everybody who comes to work here in the next few years. You can't take everything away that we have worked for."

CAW Fighting Back Makes A Difference.

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