PMP One Year Later - The Fight Continues

July 8, 2009

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PMP One Year Later - The Fight Continues
dated July 8, 2009

Toronto, Ontario
July 8, 2009

Toronto, Ontario
July 8, 2009

Fa Lim
PMP Workers Spokes person

       " Progressive Moulded Products Limited was a non unionized auto parts manufacturer. A year ago today 2,400 workers were thrown onto the street when the company suddenly shut down without notice and walked away with over $30 million in severance and termination pay."

Winnie Ng
Co-chair of the Good Jobs for All Coalition

       "We are here a year later to tell the company that we are not going away. We are here also to send a very strong message to the federal and the provincial government that they can't keep workers on the bottom of the list."

John Cartwright
Pres. Toronto and York Region Labour Council

       "It looks like PMP and those companies behind them can steal $31 million and not have to face justice. So we are still demanding that the Federal government change the laws, not only to guarantee severance pay but also to hold directors responsible."

Laurell Ritchie
CAW National Representative

       "This kind of a rally is really important at this point in time. We've got an economic crisis coming on. We're seeing an avalanche of these. The CAW has had something like 18 of these kinds of fights around severance since the beginning of 2008."

Joanne Ngo
PMP Worker 12 years

       "I have a word to ask to the management, all these corruption management. Do they ever feel any shame? Can they go to bed at night? I also want to ask them, how can they treat another human being like this? Throwing us in the ocean, but lucky we're still alive and we still have a second home. So we're very glad to have the CAW and all different unions to support us."

Vinay Sharma
CAW Local 1090 18 years Service

       "We from the CAW helped because you deserved the help, because you needed the help and because you were so brave to stand up. In the last 30 years that I have been in Canada I have not seen a non-union group stand up to an employer, with such defiance as you have for such a long time. You are very brave."

Abdul Samir
Coordinator for the USW Workers Without Job Project

       "It's a shame that we have to be here today, one year later, and these people are still out of their severance and termination pay. That's a shame, "Shame! Shame".

Fa Lim
CAW Local 1090 PMP Workers Spokes person

       ""Employment standards, the Bankruptcy Law has not been there for the working Canadian. Today we are here to demand justice and for severance and termination pay. The injustice has taken away the workers' rights."

Mehdi Khouhestaninejad
CLC Ontario Rep.

       "We are with you and on behalf of the Canadian Labour Congress, on behalf of all our affiliates, to tell you that we continue to support you as you have supported us for the last nine months. You were in every rally, you were in front of every MP office to tell them this is not right. We fight for our rights and we continue to do so."

CAW Fighting Back Makes A Difference.

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