Conferences and Accommodations

Conference and Meeting Facilities

The CAW Family Education and Conference Centre has built a solid reputation for its ability to accommodate a diverse range of conference groups with a high degree of reliability and professionalism.  The more you become familiar with our facilities and services, the more you will come to appreciate the foresight and thorough planning which characterized the development and construction of this international-caliber centre.  There are a total of 13 meeting rooms in various sizes.  Each is equipped with the latest audio/visual technology.



Assembly Hall

This magnificent facility has a unique atmosphere of its own.  With a main floor area of 95 x 70 feet, the Assembly Hall can accommodate 525 people (classroom style) and up to 800 people (theatre style).  It comes fully-equipped with the most advanced technology in audio-visual equipment and offers a significant advantage over most conference facilities of its kind due to its capacity to provide simultaneous translation and video conferencing.  The centre has the ability to run in-house videos or messages throughout the Centre.  The hall doubles as a regulation size gymnasium.



The Sisterhood Room

This addition which was built in 2000 will seat up to 100 people (classroom style).  It comes with equipped with the latest technology in audio-visual, translation and video conferencing equipment.  From the front window, the view of the waterfalls are breathtaking.



Robert White Boardroom

This boardroom was built to accommodate the National Executive Board.  This visually stunning room is equipped with the latest audio-visual technology including video conferencing capabilities.



A/B Classroom

In the Spring of 2005, we added another meeting room at the Centre.  A fantastic dual purpose room equipped with all state of the art technology including video and audio conference ability.  As one large room, it will sit up to 140 people (classroom style) and 200 (theatre style).  A large dividing wall splits the room in two functioning classrooms, each fully equipped with all the latest in audio-visual technology.




Besides being an extensive resource for written material, the library is equipped with computer and Internet access.  There are 20 computers plus one that can be used as an instructor's unit, all of them being available in both English and French.   The library has an open area for smaller groups to meet.  It has an extensive video library that participants have access to.



Accommodation Facilities

No corners have been cut to ensure total comfort during your stay at the CAW Family Education and Conference Centre.  The centre can accommodate up to 200 people (double occupancy) and 101 units come with those important extras as standard features.  The private residence include full broadloom and modern furniture.  They have two large double beds, walk-in closets, snack area with fridge, study room with Murphy bed, living room with television, chair and sofa (some with sofa beds) and walk out to patio. 



Dining Services

The cafeteria style dining hall blends beautifully with the Centre's outstanding atmosphere.  It has a large stone fireplace and doors that open to a vast, tree lined deck.  The Centre's menu offers a variety of appetizing options.  Banquet seating for up to 500 people can be catered in the Assembly Hall.  Sit down dinners with specialized full table service are available in both rooms at an additional cost.


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