CAW Ratifies New GM Restructuring Agreement

May 25, 2009

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CAW Ratifies New GM Restructuring Agreement
CAW Ratifies New GM Restructuring Agreement
dated May 25, 2009

Oshawa, Ontario
May 25, 2009

Oshawa, Ontario
May 25, 2009

Chris Buckley
Chair CAW GM Master Bargaining Committee

       "We've done our part once again. Let's get this ratification process behind us. Lets get the government to infuse more cash to the company and when they come out of bankruptcy protect our collective agreement going into bankruptcy protection will be identical coming out and that is a huge victory brothers and sisters."

Greg Moffatt
Oshawa Plant Chair

       "As your leadership we have made sacrifices that will change work practices in our facilities but at the same time we believe we did what was best for all."

Ratification Results

       CAW Local 636 - Woodstock CAW Local 1973-Windsor CAW Local 199- St. Catharines CAW Local 222-Oshawa Combined Total 86 per cent in favour

Sym Gill
CAW Dir. Pensions & Benefits

       "There are no changes in base wages; COLA is frozen for an additional ten hits from December 2009 to March of 2012. We have preserved the COLA structure and the formula and it kicks back in and begins to pay out again in June 2012. There will be a very significant upfront contribution for the pension fund and that will happen within one month of adopting solvency funding. And as well they have agreed to specified annual contributions to the pension plan at a minimum level for several years after moving out of qualifying plan status and solvency funding."

Chris Buckley
Chair CAW GM Master Bargaining Committee

       "One of the most comforting things that have come out of this 12 days of bargaining is the over 25,000 retirees will get a pension cheque every month that they have worked their lives for and they deserve."

Art Field
CAW Local 222 retiree

       "First of all I want to thank the committee for saving the pensions. As brother Lewenza said earlier how stressful it would be for people and he was very, very right."

Jessie Forbes
CAW Local 222

       "We really appreciate every thing the bargaining committee has done. We look forward to getting back to work."

Tammie Schoep
Laid off CAW Local 222

       "What you guys have done is amazing. You guys have made it so our union can still stay together and that we are not obsolete and in the next couple of years when things do get better and we can start to get the tings back that we have just lost."

Jim Stanford
CAW Economist

       "I am actually optimistic as an economist that GM could very well be profitable in 2012 because it has solved those so called legacy costs problems. It has solved the pension problem. It has solved the retiree health problems and if the market turns around, as it will eventually, GM could be making very good money in 2012. And that is when we will get back to bargaining gains for our members."

Chris Buckley
Chair CAW GM Master Bargaining Committee

       "But our fight is far from over. We've been lobbying our government for years to address the issue of unfair trade. We all know in the auto industry why we are in this situation. It is a direct result of market share loss. A direct result of too many years, offshore competitors have been allowed to pollute our market unchallenged."

Ken Lewenza
CAW National President

       "All of our effort, all of our combined efforts are in threat every single day if the government doesn't come up with an industrial jobs strategy. We want to manufacture things in Canada. We want to manufacture cars. We want to make sure that we are adding value to this economy. We just don't want to sell and service the products that are being manufactured overseas. We're going to continue as Chris said to fight for free trade verses fair trade. We're going to continue to fight like hell for a national pension program protecting all pensioners. And then we are going to fight for employment insurance protection."

CAW Fighting Back Makes A Difference.

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