15,000 Turn Out for Massive CAW Rally Demanding Pension Protection

April 23, 2009

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15,000 Turn Out for Massive CAW Rally at Queen's Park Demanding Pension Protection
15,000 Turn Out for Massive CAW Rally at Queen's Park Demanding Pension Protection
dated April 23, 2009

Toronto, Ontario
April 23, 2009

Queen's Park Toronto, Ontario
April 23, 2009

Ken Lewenza
CAW National President

       "Brothers and sisters with 15,000 people out here on a work day we must collectively commit to each other. We must collectively commit to the better cause, and to the CAW members out there today, we are joined by unions from across this province; We are joined by social movements. We are joined here today by private retirees out there that are fighting for economic and social justice."

Ken Georgetti
President CLC

       "These are our deferred wages. And these, incompetent CEOs, mis-invested squandered and down right stole our money and our government is not here when we need them. There is something wrong with that!""

Linda Hebar
CAW Local 222

       "Our politicians are not doing their job. They are not protecting us."

Jenny Ahn
CAW Member Mobilization & Political Action Dir.

       "We've got to send a message to the Legislature that everyone out here, we are voters."

Sandy Carricato

       "It is not the workers fault. Stop attacking the workers! Start attacking the people who are responsible for this."

Sid Ryan
Pres. CUPE Ontario

       "We've got to show politicians of every stripe, that workers will not be fodder in this mess that was not created by workers."

Wayne Samuelson
President OFL

       "This is not only an issue about auto workers. It is an issue about every single person in this province."

Joy Campbell
St Catharines

       "There are so many older people that are depending on this money and it will just be awful if it isn't continued and carried on."

Darrel Pugh
V.P. CAW Local 973

       "I'm here for the pensioners and I'm here to help protect our pensions and for our youth to be able to have a pension when they grow up."

Danny Slothe
CAW Local 200

       "They should have invested that money for our future, not take it away."

Marissa Kata
Unemployed Oshawa

       "It hits the seniors, the people who have built our communities so I'm here to say give them what's right , do the right thing, do the fair thing and save their pensions."

Ed Goulbourne
Retiree CAW Local 199

       "If they take the pension away from retirees what's stopping them from taking away Canada Old Age Pension and Canada secured pension?"

Mary Jane McKinnon
Former CAW Nortel worker

       "I believed that my pension was at least to some degree safe because of the Pension Benefit Guarantee Fund that the provincial government has had in place for many years. Our government has a legal and moral obligation to maintain the PBGF in order to provide retirees with the dignity and respect that we deserve after working for more than 30 years."

Ken Lewenza
CAW National President

       " So Mr. McGuinty, our collective message is for you to live up to your responsibility as a governing party of the province of Ontario and represent the interests of retirees and seniors in every sector of the economy."

Len Harrison
CAW Retirees Council Chair

       "We've got to rely on each other and help each other and support each other. It was Winston Churchill who said "This isn't the end. This isn't even the beginning of the end." I want them to know that this today is just the end of the beginning and there are political consequences in going after retired workers and we're going to make sure that you don't take away our pensions."

CAW Fighting Back Makes A Difference.

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