TTC Chooses to Buy Canadian for New LRTs

April 27, 2009

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CAW Bombardier Wins Toronto Street Car Contract 300 CAW Jobs Secured
TTC Buys Canadian, Bombardier Wins Street Car Contract

dated April 27, 2009

Toronto, Ontario
April 27, 2009
       Toronto, Ontario April 27, 2009 Toronto Transit Commission.

Paul Pugh
Pres. CAW Local 1075

       "Right now there are approximately 750 workers in the plant of which 500 are CAW members. This contract has the potential to provide as much as 300 immediate direct jobs in that plant and up to 1,200 indirect jobs throughout the province. And that is over almost a decade."

Ken Lewenza
CAW National President

       "I'm here to speak on behalf of a thousand families, up to a thousand families that could have an opportunity to raise their families, spend their money in their communities and enhance obviously their income but also enhance the economic security of our province. So I want to thank each and every one of you for your effort. We would like that Canadian content to be increased because the position of the Canadian Auto Workers union is tax dollars have got to be used not only to benefit our community in terms of the service we provide but the jobs that we provide."

Toronto Transit Commission

       "On the motion to approve the motions and the contract, all those in favour. And that should be noted as unanimous.""

Ken Lewenza
CAW National President

       "We promise you, as the CAW, we will meet with the Premier of Ontario as quickly as we possibly can, even if we have to take hundreds of thousands of people to meet with him we will. And the same with the federal government. We will use every tool in our tool box quite frankly to emphasize the importance of this project and what it means to our municipality and what it means to our country."

Paul Pugh
President CAW Local 1075

       "Right now in the economic crisis that the country is in, you couldn't ask for a better time to be funding this, because this isn't just going to provide jobs in Thunder Bay. There's going to be a lot of jobs, direct jobs in the production of parts throughout the rest of Ontario. And even more importantly there are going to be a huge number of jobs for construction workers in Toronto. Direct construction workers in producing the Transit City project."

Roland Kiehne
President CAW Local 112

       "This is certainly a step in the right direction. The 25% that the TTC has approved in its bid for the purchase of these light rail vehicles certainly is a good starting point but it is not enough. We absolutely have to take that to a higher level. From the perspective of Local 112, we are certainly going to be asking our members to send letters, to place phone calls and send e-mails to McGuinty and to the federal government, to those that would have jurisdiction over this file to try and influence that decision."

Jenny Ahn
CAW Dir Member Mobilization & Political Action

       "It's a great victory for our union. It has just shown that with the hard work of many of our locals along with the national union that lobbying and pushing what matters to our members actually can make a difference. So we have saved hundreds and hundreds of jobs, but we have also put on the political agenda that saving our jobs and having jobs here in Canada actually matters. This campaign has been successful because of the hard work of our local unions; of Local 1075 in Thunder Bay, of Local 112, if it wasn't for the leadership of these locals and the activists who have come out time and time again. We've had many a deputation at City Hall here. We've had many an appointment with the different city councillors and the TTC commissioners. And it just proves that when we are active and engaged in political work we can make a difference. So we have to continue to do that and to continue to take on the fight."

CAW Fighting Back Makes A Difference.

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