Earth Day - April 22


Like you, most of us think we are doing our part for the environment. We recycle, we use public transit more, and we bring our own reusable bags to the grocery store. We can and want to do more.  Imagine then if all Canadians prepared like Olympic athletes to tackle climate change head on. We could swear an oath and commit to green solutions such as government support for renewable energy as part of economic recovery plans, greater funding for public transportation and for auto manufacturers wanting to build more energy efficient vehicles, just transition programs for workers and communities. When we all commit to green, sustainable solutions, everyone's a winner.

The international community is preparing for another set of climate talks in Mexico City later this year. There's no better time to take stock of our own actions-how we get around, what we eat, how much energy we use and how we communicate our wishes to those elected to act on our behalf.

This Earth Day, the Canadian Auto Workers Union and the Workers Health & Safety Centre will examine these issues, their environmental and social significance.

We will share our experience as worker representatives and educators with senior elementary students and senior secondary students. Together we will critically examine our environmental progress including Canada's role on the world stage. We will also critically examine our own contribution as individuals and as citizens within the broader community.