CAW Marks Day To End Racism

March 21, 2009

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CAW Marks Day To End Racism
CAW Marks Day To End Racism
dated March 21, 2009

Toronto, Ontario
March 21, 2009

       The display of cultural diversity at the Canadian Auto Workers Local 112 in Toronto on March 21st was a clear testament to the anti racism culture of the CAW. As people gathered to remember the Sharpsville massacre in South Africa which led to the end of apartheid they were reminded of the successes against racism and the need to continue to fight against it. Vinay Sharma, CAW director of Human Rights issued a challenge to the federal government to include equity requirements on any stimulus funding.

Vinay Sharma
CAW Dir. Of Human Rights 

       "Women of colour have less and end up with precarious jobs more often. Aboriginal women are even worse off. Billions of dollars are being allocated to infrastructure spending but shame fully no equity hiring is required. When we speak out on these issues racism justice gains some ground. We call on the Canadian government to demonstrate and honour their commitment to eliminate racism."

       During the "Day to End Racism" event various troupes of dancers and musicians entertained, showcasing the rich, diverse culture of both the union and the country as a whole.

Chris Ramsaroop
Justice For Migrant Farmers

       "On this day to eliminate racism you have to understand that racism is more than just name-calling. It is systemic. It is the institutional practices that keep driving down and keep exploiting racialized communities. And it is our role and our responsibility to be allies in this fight."

Ruth Pryce
CAW Local 1106

       ""We need to educate ourselves. We need to support each other and think of each other as equals. Because I think we all are working for the same thing so why don't we be, you know, work together instead of having this racism?"

Wayne Wright
CAW Local 1285 

       "So many times we see little things that people do, based on the way they treat people, just based on the way they look and the way they speak. And we sit back and we laugh and we joke about it. But there is a lot of hurt going on in those people."

       While progress has been made in the past 50 years racism remains a problem in Canada according to Sharma.

Vinay Sharma
CAW Dir. Of Human Rights

       "Every initiative we take further reduces systemic racism. We must continue to struggle everyday when we demand the full inclusion and protection in our collective agreements for migrant workers, many of whom are subjected to colour coded discrimination and abuse. The CAW will continue to work towards the elimination of racism from our work places and our communities. Ken Lewenza said it right. "Collectively we can and we will combat racism."

CAW Fighting Back Makes A Difference.

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