Save Our Severance

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As more and more Ontario workers lose their jobs, far too many are also experiencing the tragedy of being denied their severance and other monies owed to them by their employer.

Too many workers have had to take drastic action, whether through plant occupations or blockades, to get their wages, severance and termination pay. As the current recession deepens, more workers will face bankrupt and insolvent businesses as well as more runaway employers.

The McGuinty government has acknowledged that more needs to be done to protect workers from failed employers, but has yet to commit to protect Ontario's most vulnerable workers.

The CAW is calling on the government to develop a provincial wage earner protection program, that is integrated with the existing federal initiative, applies to all severance and separation monies owed, provides significant additional protection on top of the federal program and applies to all insolvencies and 'run away' employers.


- Send a letter to Ontario Minister of Labour Peter Fonseca

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