May 28, 2009

    December 18, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 44

    • Feds Must Release Xstrata Deal Details
    • Pacific Coach Lines Workers Vote in Favour of Strike Action
    • Agreements Ratified at Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital
    • Fighting the Rise in Precarious Work
    • Government Must Ensure Real Recovery, Horwath Urges
    • People Hold the Power, New Brunswick Premier Told
    • Ground Breaking for New Seniors Facility in Thunder Bay
    • CAW Members Help Injured Truck Driver
    • Staff Appointments
    • Last Issue for 2009
    • Voices from the Crisis: December CAW Council Art Exhibition - December 5, 2009

    December 11, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 43

    • CAW President Urges Doubling of CPP
    • Oppose Harper Free Trade Agenda Delegates Urged
    • Council Delegates Call for Stronger Severance Protections
    • CAW Commended for Activism on Canadian Content Rules
    • Compensation for Workplace Stress
    • Canadian-Built Marine Atlantic Ferries Needed
    • Climate Deal in Copenhagen a Must, CAW Says
    • Ending Male Violence Against Women
    • Reform and Strengthen Public Pensions
    • CAW Council Supports Striking Vale Inco Workers
    • Commit to Union Educaion
    • Public Sector Jobs are Not for Sale
    • Bud Jimmerfield Award: Gord Piper CAW Local 114

    December 4, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 42

    • CAW Condemns Corporate Bonuses at Nortel
    • CAW Members Fight Concessions at Debro Steel
    • Workers Picket to Fight for Severance Act
    • Severance Settled for Marystown Workers, Bargaining Continues
    • FFAW/CAW Delegates in Gander for 9th Constitutional Convention

    November 27, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 41

    • Settlement at Sheraton Vancouver
    • Myra Falls Mine Agreement Ratified
    • CAW Atlantic Canada Leadership Address Current Challenges
    • Victory at Guelph Products
    • CAW Laments Passing of Jack Nichol
    • The CAW Welcomes the Following New Members
    • When Mothers Cry - We Sigh: a poem to commemorate the Montreal Massace of December 6, 1989
    • 20 Days/20 Ways to End Violence Against Women: November 16 to December 6

    November 20, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 40

    • CAW Blast Government on Dismantling Gun Registry
    • Angry CAW Members Disrupt Aramco/Aradco Auction
    • Drowning of FFAW/CAW Member
    • Aboriginal Workers & Workers of Colou Conference
    • LUMA Conference: Talking to the Communicators

    November 13, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 39

    • CAW Applauds New Investment Announcement at CAMI
    • CAW Members Ratify New Agreement with Waste Services
    • St. Thomas Closure Devastating News, CAW President Says
    • Dismal Job Report Highlights Need for More Government Support, Not Less, CAW Says
    • Solidarity with Six Nations
    • Strong Settlemen at Marine Atlantic
    • CAW Members at Chateau Lake Louise Ratify Agreement 
    • 20 Days/20 Ways to End Violence Against Women: November 16 to December 6

    November 6, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 38

    • CAW Members at Ford Approve New Agreement
    • New Chrysler Business Plan Promising, CAW President says
    • CAW Members Ratify New Agreement with Aeroplan
    • Canadian Youth Converge for Historic Climate Conference
    • Include Locally Owned in Bidding for Government Contracts, CAW says
    • CAW and Waste Services Inc. Reach Tentative Settlement
    • Windsor Community Tree Planting
    • Who's Running Out of EI?
    • No Recovery for Canada's Economy, New CCPA Study Shows
    • Ontario Health Coalition Honours CAW Activists
    • Justice Finally Served for Algerian Civil War Refuge
    • Former CAW President Invested as Officer of the Order of Canada
    • Call for Submissions: Voices from the economic crisis
    • CLC Pension Ad

    October 30, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 37

    • Ford Negotiations Continue
    • CAW Reaches First Tentative Agreement with Aeroplan
    • Health and Safety Monument in Saint John
    • CAW Reaches Tentative Agreement at Jazz Air
    • Former PMP Workers to Hold Silent Vigil Outside Ontario Court
    • Reminder: CAW Aboriginal/Workers of Colour Conference
    • Strike Vote at Edmonton Residential Garbage Provider
    • CAW Local 4207 Fights Back

    October 23, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 36

    • Building Safe Inclusive Communities
    • CAW Opens Negotiations With VIA Rail
    • Fixing Ontario's Health Ministry
    • Bargaining Breaks off at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
    • CAW Skilled Trades in Atlantic Canada

    October 16, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 35

    • Nortel Pensioners and Employees Demand Government Action
    • CAW Urges Federal and Provincial Support for Navistar
    • CAW Resumes Formal Negotiations with Ford
    • CAW Highlights Rising Tide of Precarious Jobs
    • Newfoundland Employment Support Program Falls Short
    • CAW Local 2000 Opens Talks with MTS/Allstream
    • United Way Campaigns Underway
    • Revitalizing Canada's Manufacturing Sector
    • Canadian Content Rules at Work
    • Challenges and Renewal
    • Bud Jimmerfield Award 2009
    • CAW Communications Conference
    • Cartoon


      October 9, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 34

      • New Agreement at Zellers Warehouse: Strike Over
      • Women can Change Political Direction, Says Horwath
      • Good Green Jobs for All
      • Workers Compensation Conference
      • CAW Members Take Part in Etobicoke Creek Clean-Up

      October 2, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 33

      • McMaster University Workers Approve New Deal
      • Support the Nortel Workers and Pensioners Rallies
      • CAW Supports Call for Long Term Care Improvements
      • FFAW Co-Founder Des McGrath Passes Away
      • CAW Members Speak out Against Homophobic Ad

      September 25, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 32

      • Workers at CAMI Approve New Contract
      • Strike at Lexus Toyota Dealership Ends with First Agreement
      • Retire Workers Keep up the Fight!
      • Taking Stock of Gendered Violence and Women' Inequality
      • Building a Stronger Canadian Shipbuilding Industry
      • Cross Country Support for Striking Zellers Workers
      • New Agreement at Transport Company Buckley Cartage
      • Twitter
      • New Members
      • Zellers Handbill

      September 18, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 31

      • Harper's New EI Plan is "Crumbs" for the Unemployed, CAW President says
      • Protest Support for Striking Zellers Workers
      • CAW Continues Negotiations with Ford, Presses 'Footprint'
      • CAW Emploee and Family Assistance Conference
      • Erosion of Public Transportaion in Northern Ontario a Concern
      • Jazz Air Tecnical Services Ratify New Agreement, Avoiding Strike
      • Labour Solidarity With the United Way
      • Fairmont Palliser Workers Approve New Agreement
      • Enhance Search and Rescue Service, CAW says
      • Staff Appointment
      • Did You Know?


      September 11, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 30

      • CAW Opens Negotiations with Ford
      • Lexus Toyota Dealership Strike Surpasses a Month
      • Wome Wage Earners Now Outnumber Men
      • CAW Members in Niagara Fall Accept New Three Year Contract
      • Zellers Workers Picket Brampton Distribution Facility
      • Tentative Deal for Jazz Customer Service Agents/Aircraft Services Unit
      • Setting the Record Straight on Public Health Care
      • Strong First Agreement for Coca-Cola Workers
      • Shipbuilding Union Lauds New Coast Guard Vessel Purchase
      • McMaster Workers Turn Down Contract Offer
      • Fatality of CAW Local 414 Member
      • CAW Members Participate in Labour Day 2009 Events Across the Country!

      August 28, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 29

      • CAW Elects New Slate to Lead the Union
      • Challenges, Resistance, Opportunity and Renewal
      • CAW's Peggy Nash Elected President of NDP
      • Quebec Hit Hard by Economic Crisis, says CAW Quebec Director
      • CLC President Calls for Fightback Against Recession
      • CEP Preident Urges Continued Solidarity During Ecnomic Crisis
      • Labour Presents Progressive Vision for New Economy
      • Building the Union in Hard Times
      • International Solidarity a Must for Global Transport Workers
      • CAW Calls for Emergency Action on Fishing Crisis
      • CUPE President Urges United Front to Fight the Right
      • NDP Outlines Program for Working People
      • Building Progressive Alternatives in Quebec
      • Innovation Needed in Times of Crisis, PQ Leader Says
      • CSA TUCA General Secretary: 'We Will Overcome'
      • CAW Delegates Vote to Include Youth Committees in Constitution
      • Problems Faced by Workers Universal, 
      • Passing of CAW Area Director Steve Farkas

      August 14, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 28

      • Premiers Must Reject Proposals to Deepen NAFTA
      • New Agreements at Halifax and Marystown Shipyards
      • Hundreds Picket in Support of Striking Zellers Workers
      • Pledge to By Canadian-Made Vessels a Boost to Shipyards
      • McMaster University Workrs Rally for Pensions
      • New Agreement at Participation House in Kitchener, Ontario
      • Dignity for All: A Personal Experience with Poverty
      • 2009 Labour Day Poster

      July 31, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 27

      • Zellers Warehouse Workers Say No to Concessions
      • Picket Ends as Local 636 Reaches Agreement with Meridian
      • Lear Ajax Plnt to Re-Open, Kitchener Gets New Jobs
      • CAW Demands Loblaws Keep Marystown Supermarket Open
      • Ford Urged to Keep St. Thomas Plant Open
      • Workers Demand Changes to Severance Legislation at Rally
      • GTAA Ratifies First Consoidated Collective Agreement
      • Cision Workers Endorse Ne Deal, Ending Strike
      • Fairmont Palliser Hotel Workers Vote in Favour of Strike Action
      • CAW Urges Jazz Air to Focus on Bargaining New Collective Agreements
      • DID YOU KNOW...

      July 17, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 26

      • Bombardier Workers in Toronto Approve New Agreement
      • Shrimp Boat Tie Up Ends in Newfoundland
      • Cab Drivers Back to Work After 14 week Strike
      • Toromont Workers Ratify New Deal
      • Workers End Protest at BBI Plant in Ajax
      • Promoting Diversity in Toronto
      • CAW Urges Support for a "Poverty-Free Canada"
      • Ottawa Police Officer Charged with Assault of Cabbie/CAW Member
      • Former PMP Workers Call for Stronger Labour Protections
      • Solidarity Picket for Striking Cision Workers
      • No Progress in Talks Prompts Fourth Demonstration by Kitchener Sunbeam Workers
      • CAW's Nash Seeks NDP Presidency
      • Safe Dinking Water in Little Salmon Carmacks
      • CAW Nationa Recreation Conference
      • Global Solidarity Action Day for Iranian Workers
      • Staff Appointments

      June 25, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 25

      • CAW Members Ratify New Deal With Air Canada
      • CAW Reaches Tentative Agreement with Bombardier
      • Funding for TTC's LRV Project Good News - Time fo the Feds to Come on Board, CAW says
      • Federal Action on Navistar Truck Needed, CAW Urges 
      • First Agreement for Sodexo Workers at Grand River Hospital
      • Cision Strike
      • CAW Members Protest Auto Parts Closure in Ajax
      • Critical EI Fixes Stalled by Political Games, says CAW
      • CAW Member Recognized for Pride Work
      • Skilled Trades Council Supports Timmins Fod Bank
      • Numbe of Trade Unionists Killed Increases from Previous Year
      • CONTACT's Summer Schedule

      June 19, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 24

      • Newfoundland Lobster Harvesters Continue Protests
      • Demonstrators Protest Arival of Colombian President Uribe
      • Settlement at Kingston Access Bus: Strike Over
      • Hundreds Join Fix EI Rally in Toronto
      • CAW Urges Stricter Staffing Regulations for Long Term Care Homes in Ontario
      • Pension Concessions Blocking New CAW Deal at McMaster
      • National Day of Reconciliation for Canada's First Nations
      • CAW Delegation Raises Concerns with Ontario Health Minister
      • Stop the Attacks on Indigenous Peoples in Peru
      • Habitat for Humanity, Women Build
      • New members
      • Did You Know?

      June 12, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 23

      • Tentative Agreement at Air Canada Protects Pensions
      • Broken EI System Continues to Fail Canadians
      • CAW Youth Conference - August 7-9 2009
      • CAW Rebuilds Wells in Little Salmon Carmacks
      • Women Missing from Conservative's Federal Budget
      • CALM Awards 2009
      • Members Rally in Niagara Falls Over Workers Severance
      • NDP Takes Majority in Historic Nova Scotia Election
      • Staff Appointment
      • Build a Respectful Workplace - CAW Ad

      June 5, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 22

      • Supprt for Auto Industry Builds Canadian Economy
      • CAW to Resume Talks With Air Canada
      • National Day of Reconciliation for Canada's First Nations
      • First Agreement at Americus Logistics
      • Solidarity with Forestry Workers
      • Local Union Members to Unite at EI Rally
      • Woman of Distinction - Peggy Nash
      • Deand Compensation for Injured Workers
      • Did You Know?...

      May 29, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 21

      • CAW Members Ratify Restructuring Deal With GM
      • Pension Plan Dominates CAW-Air Canada Talks
      • Vulcan Workers Picket Following Lock-Out
      • New Agreement, Strike Over at ACAN Windows
      • Marine Communication Officers Reach Tentative Agreement

      May 22, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 20

      • Retired Workers Protest Ontario's Failure to Support PBGF
      • GM Workers Reeling After Dealerships Slashed
      • CAW Urges Full Investigation into Attack on Taxi Driver
      • Rio Tinto Alcan in Tretreat Despite Incredible Profits
      • CAW Demands Action on Lobster Crisis in Maritimes
      • Settlement at University of Toronto, Strike Over
      • International Day Against Homophobia and Tranphobia
      • How to Organize you Workplace

      May 15, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 19

      • Buy Canadian Made Postal Vehicles: Canada Post Told
      • CAW Celebrates National Nurses Week
      • CAW Members at Cision Fight Concession Demands
      • National Campaign to Save Public Heath Care
      • Ontario Temp Worker Protection Bill Receives Royal Assent
      • McCurdy Urges Review of Newfoundland Crab Marketing
      • CAW Urges Federal Government Action to Save Navistar
      • New CAW Women's Ad

      May 8, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 18

      • CAW to R-enter Talks With GM
      • Sudury Xstrata Workers Trek to Ottawa
      • CAW Endorses Chrysler-Fiat Partnership
      • CAW Members on Strike at University of Torono
      • Stronger OH&SA Strenghen Protection from Violence

      May 1, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 17

      • CAW Members at Chrysler Ratify Restructuring Agreement
      • National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week: April 19-26
      • Canadians Will Reap the Benefit of New Toronto Transit Project
      • Activsts Converge on Queen's Park for Massive Pension Rally
      • Sunbeam Residential Centre Workers Demonstrate
      • Swine Flu
      • CAW Brings Injured Workers Monument to the Town of Milton
      • Education Update: CAW Education Conference: August 7-9
      • New Members

      April 24, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 16

      • Union Source of Strength During Economic Crisis, Says CAW President
      • Emergency Auto Negotiations
      • Nationalize Air Canada
      • Canadians Must Oppose Afghani Laws Trampling Women's Rights
      • CAW Council Recognizes Day of Mourning, April 28
      • Ontario Federation of Labour Fighting Back on Health Care
      • CAW Council Throws Support Behind BC NDP in Upcoming Eletion
      • Buy Canadian Policies a Must at Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation
      • Pension Protection Needed for All Canadians
      • Statement by CAW President Ken Lewenza in Response to Company Letter to Chrysler Workers

      April 17, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 15

      • April 28th - Day of Mourning
      • Province Has an Obligation to Protect Retirees, CAW Says
      • Veteran Cab Strike in Windsor: Update
      • Worsening Economic Conditions Call for Emergency EI Measures
      • Canadian Auto Sector Consistetly Proftable, Report Shows
      • Air Traffic Controllers Ratify Agreement
      • OntarinsRlly for Pensions
      • CAW Women March for Equality (ad)

      April 10, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 14

      • CAW Applauds Government Move to Guarantee Warranties, Money for Parts Firms
      • CAW Members Ratify Agreement at New Flyer
      • New Agreements Ratified at DHL
      • Rio Tinto Alcan Union Coalition Formed
      • First Agreement at Atlas Logistics in Ajax, Ontario
      • CAW Local 27 Bargains First Hospital Agreement of 2009

      April 3, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 13

      • CAW Responds to Auto Restructuring Announcements
      • No Need to Reopen CAW/GM Agreement, GM CEO says
      • Troubling Decision at Air Canada
      • Bombardier Cuts a Major Blow to Toronto to Toronto Workers
      • NAV Canada and CATCA/CAW Reach Tentative Agreement
      • Ontario Budget Fails to Provide Severance Protection
      • NB Ferry Contract a 'Lost Opportunity," CAW says
      • CAW Urges New Protections for Temporary Workers
      • Labour and Community Groups Combat Poverty, Create Green Jobs
      • Extension Needed in EI Benefits for Fishing Claims
      • Unemployment Insurance Conference
      • Staff Changes
      • Education Update!

      March 27, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 12

      • CAW in Contract Talks with Chrysler
      • Protect Severance Pay for Workers, Ontario Liberals Told
      • CAW Members Ratify Agreement at Windsor Parts Makers
      • CAWS Members at Minacs Approve New Agreement
      • Supply Vessel to be Built in Halifax Shipyard

      March 20, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 11

      • Let Collective Bargaining Take Its Course, Lewenza Says
      • Laid-off Workers Need Improved Income Supports and Severance
      • CAW Local 222 Members Reject Final Offer Vote at Minacs
      • March 21: International Day for the Elimination of Racism
      • Petition Urges Moratorium on Vancouver Port Licenses
      • Did You Know?

      March 13, 2009 - Volume 39. No. 10

      • CAW Members Vote in Support of Restructuring Deal with GM
      • Women's Equality Hindered by Job Loss, CAW Women's Director Says
      • Hundreds Rally in Toronto for EI Improvements
      • Cuts to Canada's Air Navigation System Ill-Advised, CAW Says
      • CAW Members Support United Way Campaigns
      • Congratulations: CAW Paid Education Leave Graduates
      • CAW/Marine Workers Federation Urges Opposition MPs to Support Canadian Shipbuilding
      • CAW's Nash Appointed to Community Development Board in Toronto
      • CAW Recognized for Contribution to Canadian Aerospace
      • New Members

      March 6, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 9

      • CAW Opens Exploratory Talks With General Motors
      • Canadian Auto Industry Suffers Further Blow
      • Closure Agreement at Parts Maker ArvinMeritor
      • Unions Encourage Canada Post to Buy Canadian
      • Fatality at Canadian National Transport
      • Family Education Program - Deadline Extended!
      • Women's Day Breakfast

      February 27, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 8

      • Extend EI Coverage, CAW Urges Conservatives
      • Buy Domestic Policies are Legal, PM Acknowledges
      • Agreement at Bauer Industries Ends Blockade
      • Consequences of Trade Deficit Felt with Nemak Essex Closure
      • Miners Protest Industry Minister Letting Xstrata Off The Hook
      • Act Now for Pay Equity

      February 20, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 7

      • CAW Auto Leadership Endorse Resolution on Auto Restructuring
      • PM Urged to Reject Compensation Ceilings for Public Service Workers
      • Canada Incurs Record $14 Billion Automotive Trade Deficit in 2008
      • CAW Calls for ACE Windup to be Blocked
      • International Women's Day: March 8
      • CAW Negotiates Agreement to Help Laid Off Xstrata Workers
      • Job Cuts at CP Rail Threaten Improved Rail Safety, CAW Says
      • Urgent Need for New Transit Buses in Vancouver
      • Chinese New Year Celebration in Vancouver
      • New Agreement at Hewitt Material Handling
      • CAW Family Education Program - Deadline Quickly Approaching
      • CAW Pride Conference: May 1-3, 2009

      February 13, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 6

      • CAW President Calls for National Summit on the Economy
      • Xstrata Layoffs Violate Takeover Agreement
      • Community Rally in Support of Nova Scotia Workers
      • Unions at Air Canada Call forACE to Fund Pension Plan
      • Transport Canada Changes Pose Problems for Fish Harvesters
      • IMF Condemns Mexican Labour Laws
      • RSI Day: February 28, 2009
      • Education Update!
      • Canadian Auto Workers/United Steelworkers Joint Statement on a Buy Canadian Policy

      February 6, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 5

      • CAW Bargaining Committees Agree to Start Auto Talks
      • Workers Hit by Job Cuts at Electro-Motive Diesel
      • Anti-Union Political Climate Barrier to Smart Policies
      • Summit on Ontario Hospital Restructuring
      • More Progress Needed at Vancouver Port to Avoid Strike
      • New Success with Women's Advocate Program
      • Workers in Transition: A Practical Guide for Union Representatives
      • Staff Appointments
      • Canadian Content Quiz #2

      January 30, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 4

      • Federal Budget Again Fails Workers Hurt by Economic Crisis
      • CAW Members Turn Dowsn Agreement with Air Canada
      • Rally in Chatham for EI Reform and Buy Canadian Policy
      • New Welland Contract Improves Protections Against Outsourcing
      • CAW/TCA Outraged by Alcan Layoffs in Quebec
      • Canadian Auto Plants Most Productive in North America
      • Let Him Stay! CAW/TCA Activists Demand Immigrant Status for Algerian Refugee
      • Poultry Processing Plant Closures Devastate Nova Scotia Workers
      • Staff Appointments
      • Fatality at MMFX in Welland, Ontario

      January 23, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 3

      • Closure Agreement at St. Thomas Truck Plant
      • CAW Local 2300 Ratifies New Agreement in Kitimat, BC
      • Build Ships for Canada in Canadian Shipyards, Tories Told
      • Workers to Deliver Thousands of EI Petitions on MP's Doorstep
      • Computers for Kids
      • Fatality at Ford in Brampton, Ontario
      • Did You Know?

      January 16, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 2

      • Early Agreement at Air Canada Progress in Difficult Times
      • Canadian Government Must Buy Canadian-Built Trucks, CAW Insists
      • Government Investment Program Badly Needed, CAW President Says
      • CAW Prepares for 2009 Negotiations in Hospital Sector
      • Hospital Underfunding Threatens Jobs and Patient Care
      • Get Real! It's The Economy - Make It Work For Us
      • John Deere Welland Works Closure Agreement
      • Safety in the Newfoundland Fishery
      • Anti-Poverty Activists Target Finance Minister in Build-Up to Budget
      • Petro-Canada Boycott Lifted
      • Staff Appointments

      January 9, 2009 - Volume 39, No. 1

      • Vancouver Port Truckers Could Strike
      • Pay for Top Canadian CEOs Keeps Growing
      • Newfoundland Needs Fisheries Plan, FFAW Says
      • Poverty in Canada Worse Than Reported, Study Says
      • CAW President Lauds Auto Support and Maintaining Canadian Facilities
      • CAW Food Bank Donations
      • Occupation of SKD Automotive in Brampton
      • CAW Condemns Violence in Gaza
      • Cartoonist Roy Carless Passes Away
      • Cartoons