December 6, 2008 - CAW Backs Coalition To Replace Harper

December 6, 2008

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CAW Backs Coalition To Replace Harper
dated December 6, 2008

Toronto Ontario
December 6, 2008

       Delegates from the Canadian Auto Workers Council joined the thousands of people who rallied in front of Toronto City Hall December 6, in support of the Liberal-N.D.P. Coalition. Amid the noise and fan fare the crowd was demanding change and an end to the Harper government.

       Liberal leader Stephan Dion and NDP leader Jack Layton promised the crowd change and immediate action on the economy.

Stephan Dion MP
Liberal Leader

       "The Prime Minister of Canada ran away from the Parliament of Canada. Mr. Harper took an economic crisis and added a parliamentary crisis that he then tried to transform into a national unity crisis. All of this because he cares more about his job than your jobs."

       Layton said the Coalition represents 62 per cent of the votes cast in the last election and has the right to replace the Harper Conservative.

Jack Layton MP
NDP Leader

       "Our First Peoples have taught us about the principles of coming together, and developing a consensus particularly in difficult times. That is what we must do. We must throw aside the politics of division that we have seen from our Prime Minister and bring forward the politics of unity and working together.

       Following the demonstration, both Dion and Layton addressed the one thousand delegates and guests at the CAW Council. The Liberal leader said Harper's "do nothing" approach to the economic crisis is out of step with the rest of the world.

Stephan Dion MP
Liberal Leader

       "If leaders are able to come together around the world and invest billions and billions of dollars in their economy, why not here in Canada? And since Mr Harper is not willing to do so because of his ideology well the Liberals and the NDP, supported by the Bloc will do it!"

       Layton said all Canadians need to join the fight to get rid of the Conservative government.

Jack Layton MP
Leader NDP

       "I think it's time for the Canadian people and the great majority, who think that he is wrong on so many issues, to rise up and stand behind the idea that we can come together and create a consensus based coalition government; in a economic crisis, to take the working families of this country through it, without letting people fall off and drown in the tough economic turbulence that we are facing now. And my question to you is simply this, are you with us?"

       CAW President, Ken Lewenza, warned the delegates that the fight back in the next two months will be critical for all Canadian workers.

Ken Lewenza
CAW President

       "The Conservative party is going to spend millions, and millions, and millions of dollars on public opinion polls. They are going to go into their constituencies with money. They are going to go in there with resources. They are going to have radio ads, commercial ads. Did you already see their web page? Get on the radio. Do whatever you have to do because they have the money. What we have in this room is human capital. We've got the collective ability."

CAW Fighting Back Makes A Difference.

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