Governments Can Buy Canadian!

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Governments Can Buy Canadian

- CAW President Ken Lewenza has written a letter to Canada Post Corporation CEO Moya Greene, encouraging the crown corporation to purchase Canadian-made vehicles as they increase their motorized fleet.  

- The CAW and USW have issued a joint statement calling on the federal government to adopt a Buy Canadian policy.

- The CAW has unveiled a legal opinion on why adopting a Buy Canadian policy is possible for all levels of government.

For too long, it has been argued that requiring governments to have a minimum level of Canadian-content for public purchases would be a violation of Canada's obligations under various international trade agreements, including under the NAFTA, World Trade Organization (WTO) and the inter-provincial Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT).

This is not the case!

In a legal opinion from a leading expert on international trade law (Steven Shrybman of Sack Goldblatt Mitchell LLP) it has been found that government can legally adopt Buy Canadian policies, whether at the municipal. provincial or federal levels.

Government spending can go a long way to support Canadian industry and economic development. A Buy Canadian policy is one tool government can use help stop the loss of good jobs as Canada's economic downturn worsens and the manufacturing sector continues to shed thousands of jobs.


  • Follow the links below to find more information on the legalities of establishing Buy Canadian policies;
  • Encourage your local city councillor, MPP or MLA and Member of Parliament to support Buy Canadian policies for publicly funded goods and services;
  • Ask your local city council to join the growing list of communities thatsign the Buy Canadian-Build Communities Resolution.

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