Progressive Media Links is a progressive alternative news website which also features columns by independent journalists and thinkers, podcasts, online television, book reviews and a community forum. was founded in April 2001 and went online just days before the Summit of the Americas which saw tens of thousands of activists demonstrate in Quebec City.

Our Times is an independent, pro-union Canadian labour magazine read by over 8,000 trade unionists, community activists and union supporters across the country. Dedicated to promoting workers' rights and social justice, Our Times publishes stories by and about frontline workers in Canada

Canadian Dimension is published 6 times per year, including 2 double issues. It is a magazine which shows there is an alternative to the corporate agenda and the dictates of the global market; that the dream of a better society is still alive. It provides a forum for debate, where red meets green, feminists take on socialists, socialists take on social democrats, whites hear from aboriginals, activists report from all corners of Canada, trade unionists report from the front lines, campaigns make connections, and the latest books, films, websites, CDs, and videos are radically reviewed.

Briarpatch is an independent Canadian magazine, which is based in Regina, Saskatchewan. It was founded in 1973 and since then has provided a thoughtful alternative to mainstream media.

Herizons is the quarterly Canadian feminist magazine that delivers the inside scoop on the Canadian women's movement: health, activism, the environment and legal cases affecting women. As Canada's largest feminist magazine, HERIZONS is a unique hybrid of non-profit business, feminist publishing and advocacy journalism. It is published in Winnipeg and began as a national newspaper in 1979.

The Dominion is a monthly paper published by an incipient network of independent journalists in Canada since May 2003. It aims to provide accurate, critical coverage that is accountable to both readers and the subjects it tackles. The Dominion is a project of Canada's first media cooperative, jointly owned and democratically controlled by its readers, contributors and editors.

This Magazine is one of Canada's longest-publishing alternative journals. Founded by a gang of school activists in 1966, and originally called This Magazine is About Schools, the modern-day This Magazine focuses on Canadian politics, pop culture and the arts.

Word Warriors is a collective letter writing project where author and activist Murray Dobbin sends out periodic suggestions for letters to the editor along with data and analysis. Instead of just complaining about media bias, activists can use this information to write letters to their local paper.

The New Internationalist magazine renowned for its radical, campaigning stance on a range of world issues and has been in print for more than 30 years. The NI website features independent international news, columns, blogs, web radio and an online bookstore.