Media Release: CAW's Hargrove Blasts Harper on Same Sex Vote, April 2006

April 6, 2006

(Toronto) - CAW president Buzz Hargrove sent the following letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper today after Harper announced he is going to hold another House of Commons vote on same sex marriage:

Dear Prime Minister:

How disappointing to read, yesterday, that your government is planning to move ahead on a vote in the House of Commons on same sex marriage.

What, exactly, is your problem with real equality for all Canadians? 

Because, Prime Minister, equality is what is at the heart of same sex marriage.

And you're opposed to it.  

You know, as well as the rest of us, about the horrendous history of social approaches that divide people into groups by offering so-called "separate but equal" access to social institutions.  Apartheid is the name that was given to this approach, for example, in South Africa.  It was also this approach that made it necessary for the courts to declare women "persons" in Canada not so very long ago.  "Separate but equal" approaches proclaim that some groups are less equal, less deserving, than others. 

Why would any government want to attach itself to such a legacy of discrimination and injustice?  Why would you?

I am asking you to put petty politics aside and do the right thing.  You are not on the side of justice, you are not on the side of the majority of Canadians and you are not on the side of an honourable history. 

Let same sex marriage be. It deserves to be celebrated, not attacked.

- 30 -

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