CAW Joins Province Wide Rallies to Save Public Healthcare

September 27, 2008

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CAW Joins Province Wide Rallies To Save Public Healthcare

CAW Joins Province Wide Rallies To Save Public Healthcare
dated September 27, 2008

Windsor, Ontario
September 27, 2008

       In communities across Ontario, Healthcare coalitions have mounted a campaign to make both federal and provincial politicians support publicly funded healthcare. The Canadian Auto Workers union and its' locals are playing a key role in the fight back as people demonstrated from Sudbury to Kingston, from Toronto to Windsor.

Katha Fortier
CAW National Rep.

       "Fundamentally our coalition believes the public healthcare system has no room for share holders and corporate greed. Our healthcare system is affordable and it is costing far less than the U.S. system that leaves millions of people without healthcare, and it should be protected and enhanced. We believe in the dream of Tommy Douglas and we believe that Canadians believe too."

       In Windsor, Bruce Dickie, president of CAW Local 2458 along with a thousand people rallied to demand the opposition parties make public healthcare a key issue in the October 14th federal election.

Bruce Dickie
President CAW Local 2458

       "The threat to universal public healthcare is greater then ever. The Conservatives have made no secret to their preference for private, for profit healthcare in this country, and yet the opposition parties have been quiet about it. We need to make our federal opposition parties; we need to let them know that public healthcare is a priority for everyone here. It is a priority for Canadians from coast to coast."

       The protestors also targeted the Ontario government for failing to deliver on election promises to support public Healthcare.

Sandy Ellis
CLC Regional Rep.

       "Why is it that we have to plead for three and a half hours of care out of a 24 hour day for our senior citizens who have earned their dignity in their old age? They should be getting five hours of care. We're not asking for the world, we're asking for three and a half hours. Is that too much? "No" Damn right it's not too much!"

Toronto, Ontario
September 27, 2008

       A rally in Toronto marched on Queens Park condemning the McGuinty government's continuation of funding private hospitals known as "P3s".

Shawn Rouse
CAW Local 1106

       "We want him to stop privatizing our hospitals. Our P3 hospitals are growing at a viral rate here in Ontario. It is totally uncalled for. The amount of money that is being put into for-profit privatization of hospitals could be better spent in our hospitals, providing services and care to the people of Ontario."

       Unions and activist groups marched, chanted and drew media attention to the deteriorating public healthcare system.

Corey Vermey
CAW National Rep.

       "We want the government to bring forward a moratorium on the P3 development of hospitals, using the private sector to basically lease back to the public the hospitals. We want to institute a minimum staffing standard, initially a 3.5 hours of care per resident, and we want an end to competitive bidding and the use of public services for home care."

       In Windsor the past president of U.S. physicians for a National Healthcare Program, Dr Susan Steigerwalt, urged Canadians to fight against privatization of healthcare.

Dr. Susan Steigerwalt
Past-Pres. US Physicians For National Healthcare Program

       "Don't let them mess with this. If this has to take place at the very highest level, please do what you have to do. Get anybody who is sympathetic involved. Build a movement. Push the politicians. Don't give up your birthright!"

CAW Fighting Back Makes A Difference.

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