Buzz Hargrove Tribute Kick-Off

September 19, 2007

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Buzz Hargrove Tribute Kick-Off
Buzz Hargrove Tribute Kick-Off
dated September 19, 2007

Toronto, Ontario
September 18, 2007

       The Buzz Hargrove Canadian Tribute campaign to raise money for Eva's Initiatives was kicked off at a luncheon in Toronto September 18, 2007. Canadian Auto Workers' Union National President Buzz Hargrove stressed the need to expand the award-winning Eva's Phoenix program, part of Eva's Initiatives.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW National President

       "A host of people from all walks of life are here because they are committed to the community. They want to see the community a better place. And a community that is not hostile to youth at risk, but a community that offers opportunity, hope and support through mentoring and the other things that are done at Eva's Phoenix. And I can't thank you enough, or say how proud I am to be part of it."

       Eva's Initiative Executive Director Maria Crawford outlined the Eva's Phoenix program which provides temporary housing for homeless and at-risk youth, while giving them life skills education as well as job training and employment support.

Maria Crawford
Exec. Director Eva's Initiatives

       "Our programs have achieved a high success rate. We've outgrown our initial vision and now the initial space which we occupied seven years ago. The program has expanded rapidly but thoughtfully and solidly. And with your help the next phase of Eva's Phoenix will now become a reality. I can not think of a better return on your investment than the return that you will get when you invest in the future of a young person in our community."

       The success of the program was evident when two of the graduates of Eva's Phoenix program, Llewellyn and Haifa spoke.

Eva's Phoenix youth

       "I love Phoenix. Phoenix is my Dad and my Mom, everything. Before Phoenix I had pretty much nothing. I didn't think life had anything going for me. I got used to the saying that the good die young. I didn't think I would live past 21. Today I am 22 and next month I will be 23."
       "I'm here to day to tell you because of Phoenix, like maybe to most people it wouldn't be much but I have my own place, my own transportation and to me that's winning the lottery."

Eva's Phoenix youth

       "I also lived at Eva's Phoenix. Everything that he said was exactly what I was thinking. And I just wanted to say thank you to you guys and your donations have actually reached us."

       The Buzz Hargrove Canadian Tribute Dinner will be held June 11, 2008, downtown Toronto. Between now and then the fund raising efforts will be in full force, attempting to raise much needed funds for the operation and expansion of Eva's Initiatives' outreach to homeless and "at-risk" youth in Toronto.

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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