CAW Honours Past and Renews Fight Against Right Wing Agenda

September 4, 2007

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CAW Honours Past and Renews Fight Against Right Wing Agenda
CAW Honours Past and Renews Fight Against Right Wing Agenda
dated September 4, 2007

Toronto, Ontario
September 3, 2007

       In Toronto CAW members took time to mark the 100th birthday of Walter Reuther, whom CAW National President Buzz Hargrove said created the model that the CAW follows today.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW National President

       "He practised a particular brand of unionism that we have tried to follow in Canada and that was "social unionism". And what does that mean. It means a union that is dedicated to its members and their families regardless of race, creed, colour, religion. That we welcome the diversity into our union as Walter Reuther always did."

       Hargrove said workers, their families and their communities are threatened by a right wing agenda. He called on all people to join the fight to protect Canadian jobs and workers' rights.

Buzz Hargrove
CAW National President

       "We face one of the greatest challenges in our history as a labour movement. We have to come together."
       "Come together brothers and sisters in solidarity and fight for what makes this country decent and make sure we don't allow the forces of the right wing in this country, this province, and this city to turn back the clock on our gains."

       Toronto Mayor David Miller along with Ken Georgetti, President of the Canadian Labour Congress and John Cartwright President of the Toronto & York Region Labour Council joined in the Labour Day celebrations.

David Miller
Toronto Mayor

       "We need cities; we need communities where every single family can have a real chance and real opportunities. That's what decent jobs are all about. That's what Labour Day is all about, that's what the CAW is all about and under my leadership that's what the city of Toronto is all about. Thank you very much and keep up the fight!"

Ken Georgetti
Pres. Canadian Labour Congress

       "Our savings and our toil and our labour built this country. We own this country. And it is time for us to stand tall and make our voices heard, to show our faces and raise our voices, as John Cartwright and Mayor Miller said, to make sure that those in power understand who actually owns this country."

John Cartwright
Pres. Toronto & York District Labour Council

       "We are under taking, starting with this Labour Day parade a major initiative to change the law in this province to bring back card check certification, so once again everybody will have to right to organize without intimidation."

CAW "Fighting Back Makes a Difference."

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