Human Rights are Workers Rights (3-day)

Human Rights are Workers Rights

Our new 3-day Human Rights Course provides CAW leadership and activists with the opportunity to develop the skills and perspectives we need to build a strong, more inclusive union.  Our union will only benefit from our diversity when we pull from the strengths of all of our members.

Employers use racism, sexism, homophobia and discrimination against people with disabilities to divide us as workers.  We'll focus on the role the union can and does play in advancing equality and challenging employers.

This program is rooted in class struggles - learning how racism, sexism, homo/transphobia, and disability issues operate within the context of capitalism and the economy, and learning how movements for equality have always been tied to worker's rights and struggles.

Through case study, video and discussion, this course provides practical information for taking on workplace harassment, bargaining collective agreements that promote real equity, and building stronger unions.

Part critical thinking, part strategy, part skill development, this program is a must for leadership in our growing, diverse union.

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