WHSC - Level II - Committees (Workers Health & Safety Centre - Provincial)

WHSC - Level II- Committees (Workers Health & Safety Centre Provincial)

This course is geared toward members of Joint Health & Safety Committees. The major focus is on skills development: investigation, research, assessment and reporting of workplace hazards, conducting and evaluating hygiene monitoring, and building effective JHSCs.
Upon completion of this program, participants clearly understand their legal rights and responsibilities as JHSC members. Level II of the Workers Health and Safety Certificate incorporates major amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Participants will learn more about the Act (which now requires that more than 30,000 Joint Health & Safety Committees be established In workplaces previously exempted), more about the creation of "certified members" and the right to stop work; and more about additional gains for JHSC in areas of testing and inspections.

WHSC - Level I Canadian is a prerequisite.

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