Organizing Workers

Level 1 Organizing - You Can Make a Difference

The CAW takes its commitment to organize workers very seriously. More than ever, working people need unions and we need to spread the word about the union advantage. This interactive workshop was designed to provide participants with the basic information that non-unionized workers need to know. It focuses on the myths that people have about unions, on why organizing is crucial for all of us, and on why being a union member is so important. The ability to deliver these messages to other workers makes us all better union members.

Level 2 Organizing - Advancing and Building the Membership of Our Union

Are you a local leader or activist? Are you interested in getting involved in building our union? This brand new one day program has been developed to arm local leaders and activists with the necessary tools to actively assist in organizing campaigns. This course explores why we need to organize and bring democracy to non-unionized workers, how the CAW runs an organizing campaign, and the roles we can all play. As well, this course concentrates on the information that non-unionized workers will need to know and builds on the communication skills necessary to deliver these messages. This course is in line with the CAW's objective to organize the unorganized and extend union support, protections and opportunities to workers by assisting them to organize unions in their workplaces.

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