Collective Bargaining (1-day)

This new one day course features a video "It's Not a Game, Version 2" on bargaining a a small workplace and introduces the process to beginners.  Experienced bargainers will also find it very interesting.  Participants see a set of negotiations through the eyes of Monique, a new member of the committee.  We also meet Beryl, the local union President, Terry, the union staff representative, and Drew, the member who has been through past negotiations.  Participants see the steps from the first union caucus meeting to ratification of a new contract, the debates both in the union and management committees, and all the essential elements of the collective bargaining process.  Participants see how they can draw on their own strengths to make a contribution, why contract language is so important, and what resources the CAW national union provides.  Everyone gets a chance to practice speaking to issues.

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