Port Elgin Programs

Our week-long programs are held at the CAW Family Education Centre in Port Elgin. This is an incredible facility on the shores of Lake Huron - beautiful and spacious bedrooms, comfortable classrooms, fitness centre, gym, bar, alcohol-free cafe, superb dining, and gorgeous surroundings. Our Childcare Centre is open during the summer and periodically during the school year. Childcare subsidies are available (upon request) for those whose participation in our programs mean they have additional childcare costs.

Members from across the country come together at the CAW Family Education Centre to discuss, debate and learn about issues that matter to workers, and to build skills for taking on employers and changing society.

Courses offered at our Education Centre are funded through the Paid Education Leave Program (PEL).  PEL programs are paid for by employers (negotiated contributions) but written and delivered by the union.  There is no personal cost for attending our programs.  All costs (including travel, accommodation, and a maximum of 40 hours wages) are paid for by local unit PEL funds.  Locals who have insufficient PEL funds, or who have yet to negotiate PEL,can use local union funds to send members to Port Elgin on a 50/50 cost-sharing basis.  All costs are "paid up front" by the local union and then submitted to the National Union for a 50% reimbursement for lost-time, travel and expenses.

Locals develop their own selection process for PEL programs. To view a sample process and application form follow the links at the bottom of the page.

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