Manufacturing Matters!

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Manufacturing Matters to Canadians!

Canada's manufacturing sector is in crisis. Almost every week another Canadian plant shuts its doors, files for bankruptcy or announces its intention to move its operations out of the country. Good manufacturing jobs are disappearing at an alarming rate across the country and the Harper government has done nothing to stop this hemorrhaging. The clear message to Canadian workers is that the government simply does not care.

Following its meeting in December, the CAW Council adopted a resolution calling on our union to lead a campaign highlighting the ongoing loss of manufacturing jobs and its effect on our country's future. Part of the campaign involved a series of community forums headed up by our local union leadership and including our community allies.

The campaign has now shifted into it's second phase. Our union is calling on all levels of government to adopt Buy Canadian policies for all public purchases - one of the important policy tools to help protect manufacturing jobs and encourage regional economic development in Canada.  Buying Canadian helps save good jobs and builds stronger communities.

The CAW is encouraging all municipal councils across the country to pass a resolution that establishes a Buy Canadian policy for all publicly funded purchases and encourages maximum Canadian content levels wherever possible - from transit vehicles and office supplies to clothing and food. Union members from all unions and community activists are encouraged to join in this effort.

It is incumbent on us all, as trade unionists and Canadians, to take up this fight for our families, our communities and for future generations.

Click below for campaign material. Click here to view Manufacturing Matters campaign photos.

Check out the "Buy Canadian" song by CAW member Kevin Wrycraft