Global Union Federations

1. International Metalworkers Federation (IMF) is one of the largest and oldest Global Union Federations. The IMF represents 200 unions with approximately 25 million members in 100 countries. Their website can be reached at
2. International Transportation Federation (ITF) represents transport workers at the world level and plays an important role in having representatives around the world able to board a ship and inspect the working conditions. It is a federation of 604 unions with about 5 million members in 137 countries. Their website can be reached at
3. International Union of Food and Agricultural Workers (IUF) plays a critical role in raising issues of concern to workers in some of poorest sectors. They represent 336 unions with approximately 12 million workers. Their website can be reached at
4. Union Network International (UNI) is the skills and services grouping of 900 unions with more than 15 million members in 140 countries around the world. They can be reached at

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