Stop Bill C-377

June 21, 2013

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Update (June 26): Senate Votes to Amend Anti-Union Bill C-377 

What is Bill C-377?

Bill C-377 is a federal private members' bill that will slap extraordinary financial accounting requirements and other burdens on Canadian labour unions. This Bill is part of an overall attack by the Harper government on unions and other progressive advocates for workers' rights and social justice.

If passed, Bill C-377 will force unions to publish make public any financial payment over $5,000, everything from photocopies to pension payments. The bill forces unions to disclose assets and liabilities; loans receivable; time and money spent on organizing activities; and a raft of other data. And then imposes strict fines (of $1,000-a day) if these terms aren't met. Unions will also have to disclose of payments through mutual funds, trusts or benefits plans with any union members, creating severe privacy concerns for members, their families as well as small businesses and others.

Canada's Senate Votes to Amend the Bill

On June 26, Canadian Senators voted in favour of amending parts of Bill C-377, including 16 Conservative Party senators who were under intense pressure to support the Bill's original draft.

Bill C-377 will now be brought back to the House of Commons when Members of Parliament return in the fall of 2013.

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