Toronto, Ontario

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May 30, 2013

Toronto, Ontario
May 30, 2013

Dave Coles
CEP National President

"We are proud to introduce to you "UNIFOR" the union for Canada. UNIFOR is a name to show our traditional and long standing union values; unity, solidarity, strength and determination. It is a name to show that we are here to build a union for the future. One that is responsive to the needs all Canadians in the twenty first century. The new union "UNIFOR" will make a priority of organizing new members. UNIFOR a union for workers, a union for unemployed, a union for self-employed, a union for women, a union for youth and students, a union for diverse communities and all new Canadians. A union for everyone."

Peter Kennedy
CAW National Secretary-Treasurer

"Nineteen months ago we started this project with the goal of building on the strengths of both our organizations, not just in the best interests of our members but also in the best interests of our communities. We believe that strong unions are necessary to build a more prosperous, a more equal and a more inclusive Canada. Without strong unions representing working people all of us would be lesser off. We are coming together now to create a new union not just another union, a new union. a union with a new approach to be a strong voice for working people in all sectors and in all jobs."

Trish Hennessy
Canadian Centre for Policy alternatives Director

"You are part of a democratic movement to protect all workers rights. The symbol of workers standing together in solidarity during changing and challenging times. That symbol is more important and more powerful today then ever. "

Gaétan Ménard
CEP National Secretary-Treasurer

"We are creating a new and modern union, a bigger union that's true, a union that will innovate and improve its practices in everything that we do. We will open our doors to each and every group in this country that has an action plan. If they have an action and they are a group they can join. Unionized or not, they can join us and we will make that action plan happen."

Ken Lewenza
CAW National President

"What does UNIFOR mean today. Eight hundred local unions throughout the country, three thousand bargaining units. In excess of three hundred thousand members in more than twenty different sectors of the economy. We also have twenty thousand elected leaders advocating for workers throughout the country not just in the workplace but throughout the country. So brothers and sisters UNIFOR will be a powerful union but it won't be the logo by itself. The logo is important when we are at demonstrations, when we are out there trying to expose what kind of an organization we are that logo is going to mean a lot. And UNIFOR will not leave anyone behind. Thank you brothers and sisters."

CAW Making A Difference.

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