Expansion at Hitachi Plant in Guelph

May 22, 2013, 4:00 PM EST

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The Hitachi truck plant in Guelph has completed an expansion that had the plant under construction for the past year. The expansion doubles the size of the plant and will lead to hundreds of new jobs in the coming years.

Hitachi builds some of the biggest mining trucks in the world and plans to continue to increase production at the Guelph plant with a goal of growing to 30 per cent of the global market.

CAW Local 1917, which represents 232 of the workers in the plant, welcomes this expansion.

"This expansion is exciting for members of CAW local 1917 and the community of Guelph," said Robin Dudley, president of local 1917. "This will mean more good jobs in our community. It is important to see a company investing the manufacturing industry in Canada when other companies are looking to ship jobs overseas".

Dudley also emphasized the need for Canadian content regulations to support the manufacturing industry. Expansion like the one Hitachi is undergoing could occur across the industry if companies were encouraged or required to source Canadian machinery, he said.

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