Earth Week Climate Awareness Event Brings David Suzuki to Windsor, ON

May 2, 2013, 12:30 PM EST

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By Ken Bondy, CAW Co-ordinator

Progressive grass-roots environmental organizations joined with the CAW and other affiliated labour unions to host Dr. David Suzuki in Windsor, Ontario on April 25, to remind us that climate change is the biggest challenge of our times.

The event called "Wake Up Canada" brought more than 8,000 students and activists to the Windsor Family Credit Union Centre to hear how after 150,000 years of human development and 100 years of ever accelerating industrialization and urbanization, we are just a decade or two from irreversible environmental damage. According to Suzuki, it's up to this generation to apply the brakes.

Suzuki, whose address will be aired across Ontario on TV Cogeco, said that for the first 150,000 years of human existence, people lived within the laws and exigencies of the natural world - their existence dependent on their relationship to the environment. That, he said, began to change with industrialization and the pace picked up steam as a result of mass urbanization in the last century. Instead, society focuses on the economy.   The economy was not designed to sustain the environment - it was designed for relentless growth which has no concern for the very real necessities that sustain human life.

Afterwards, CAW event organizers CAW Co-ordinator Ken Lewenza Jr, CAW Local 444's Melisa Larue and Rob McGuffin and CAW Local 200's Tracey Ramsey joined with Dr. Suzuki to officially open the "Canvas Campus Educational Initiative" where activists and students will come together to work in mutual respect within the diversity of our communities in order to educate, inform and establish a commonality of environmental sustainability.

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