Fairness works!

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Some politicians and business groups are trying to convince Canadians that new laws should take away your right to have a strong union.

Proposals by some Conservative Members of Parliament and Conservative provincial politicians are pushing for new laws to take away the rights of union members to ensure that everyone covered by a collective agreement pays their fair share towards keeping the union strong.

They know that weakening the union is the best way to lower wages and to eliminate workers' rights that limit temporary, contracted and precarious work.  

That is why they want to outlaw mandatory union dues and membership when a majority in a workplace has voted to have a union.

It's about fairness.

Unions are agents of fairness, plain and simple.  That's our bread and butter.

Unions do much more than negotiate better wages and benefits for their members. Over the years, unions in Canada have campaigned for bigger changes and policies that benefit all working people - union and non-union.  Unions fought for and won policies and programs that are crucial to the well-being of all workers, such as:

  • Safer workplaces  
  • The right to refuse unsafe work  
  • A higher minimum wage  
  • Maternity and parental leaves 
  • Mandatory stat holidays  
  • An end to discriminatory hiring practices 
  • Equal pay and seniority for men and women and people of colour 
  • The right to not face harassment on the job 
  • Overtime pay 
  • Public pensions and unemployment insurance   

And every year, this list grows.

Find out more about why unions are agents of fairness and how to get involved in the campaign to ensure your voice at work.