New Union Convention Preparations Underway

February 13, 2013, 3:30 PM EST

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The project to form a new Canadian union is off to a very busy start in 2013.

The clock is ticking: The new union's founding convention will be held August 30 to September 1 in Toronto - just in time for members to march under their new banner in the 2013 Labour Day events right across Canada.

But before delegates arrive at the convention (to approve the union's constitution and plan of action, and elect its first leaders), a tremendous amount of work must be completed. The leaders of the CAW and CEP have established six specialized working groups, to talk through the details of forming a new union, and develop recommendations on many of the specific issues.

These working groups were mandated in the final report of the New Union Proposal Committee (this report was overwhelmingly adopted at both the CAW and CEP conventions last year). Each working group is co-chaired by one CAW and one CEP leader. The working groups are addressing the following areas:

Constitution: Draft a formal constitution and other founding documents and policies. This working group will also take responsibility for ensuring the smooth maintenance of bargaining rights.

Communications: Undertake research, consultation, and testing work associated with selecting a name and logo for the new union, and prepare an ambitious communications strategy for the new union's launch.

Organizing: Draft an ambitious organizing strategy, including a "wave" of organizing initiatives to be launched when the new union is formed. This group will also design and implement the Proposal Committee's vision for new non-traditional forms of membership.

Implementation: Develop an implementation and transition plan for consolidating the two unions (including the integration of offices, information systems, national departments, and other operational matters).

Staff Relations: A leadership team from both unions will initiate discussions with the various staff unions at both the CAW and CEP to ensure a fair, secure transition for the unions' employees (including non-represented employees). The two unions have already committed that no union employees will be laid-off as a result of the creation of the new union.

Convention: Oversee organization and logistics associated with the founding convention of the new union.

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