Idle No More Trail of Fire March to Citadel Hill in Halifax, Nova Scotia

February 7, 2013, 4:10 PM EST

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The following story was submitted by David Ladouceur, CAW/MWF Local 1 member and native activist.
It was a bitter cold morning here in Halifax when Les Holloway, CAW Atlantic Area Director, Karl Risser President of CAW/MWF Local 1 and I, (David Ladouceur, Sergeant at Arms, Local 1 CAW/MWF), participated, along with other local unions and concerned citizens about the effects of Bill C-45.
We began our journey on the Dartmouth side of the MacDonald Bridge at 10 am with about 400 other activists, not protesters as the media would have you believe. Our march led us up Gottingen Street with a refreshment break at the MikMaq Friendship center and a few short speeches and to pick up some more activists along the way. Then we were under way once more rejuvenated and reinvigorated, buoyed by the sunshine, the drummers and chants. Nothing was going to spoil this great day.
We arrived at the base of Citadel Hill where we listened to Jean Sock, who was also one of the Hunger Strikers along with Chief Theresa Spence for her 44 day fast on Victoria Island, just a stone's throw away from Parliament Hill. Chief Spence's hunger strike ended with the signing of a Declaration of Understanding with the Liberals and the NDP.
From there it was a short walk to the meeting ground, where we had our round dance and some speeches were made, the highlight being a 10 year-old MikMaq girl, wise beyond her years as she spoke of the effects of Bill C45 and the loss of protected waterways and the effects it would have on all the people who depended on the water for sustenance.
It was with great pride that I was able to share this Idle No More event with my CAW family and inform you how these omnibus bills affect each and every one of us.
In solidarity,     David Ladouceur

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