January 18, 2013

Volume 43, No. 2

CAW Local 333 Reaches Tentative Agreement with BC Transit

CAW Local 333, representing 650 transit drivers, mechanics and skilled trades workers in Greater Victoria, British Columbia, has reached a tentative agreement with BC Transit.
The contract is retroactive to March 2012 and runs until March 31, 2014. CAW Local 333 members  vote on the tentative agreement on Jan. 22. This is the same day that a one-day strike had been planned.
CAW Local 333 President Ben Williams called the deal a victory after B.C. Transit agreed to withdraw plans, during the life of the agreement, for the testing of a high capacity shuttle bus, which would have been made in China.
The CAW Local 333 website indicated other details of the agreement will not be released until after the ratification vote.
As a result of the tentative agreement all job actions by the membership including a uniform and overtime ban have been lifted.
"The overtime ban was a huge factor," Williams was quoted in the Victoria Times Colonist newspaper.

CAW Miners in British Columbia Ratify Agreement

After more than four months of negotiations, the 470 members of Canadian Auto Workers Local 3018 have ratified a new collective agreement.
CAW Local 3018 represents mine workers at Gibraltar Mines in Williams Lake, British Columbia, a subsidiary of Teseko Mines. The December 21, 2012 vote was 88 per cent in favour of acceptance.
Wage and benefit improvements average more than 14 per cent over the four-year term retroactive to the expiry of the collective agreement on June 1, 2012. Many other improvements were made, including a fairer process for training and the selection of apprentices, an increase in premiums and comprehensive anti-harassment language. There were no concessions.

 Arnold Fontaine, Chairperson of the Local 3018 Negotiating Committee said: "This was our first negotiations with the CAW and we were pleased with the outcome. There is no doubt that we bargained everything we could, short of a strike. Although the membership was more than prepared to strike over the holidays, most were relieved this wasn't necessary."

Take a moment to fill out the short survey online here: http://www.newunionproject.ca/new-union-logo-and-name-survey/ You can also download and print a pdf version, to send to all your contacts.  The deadline for the questionnaire is February 4, 2013.

Rally for Rights and Democracy at Ontario Liberal Convention

At 1pm Saturday, January 26, the OFL will hold a rally  at Allan Gardens in Toronto (Jarvis & Carleton), followed by a march to the Ontario Liberal Convention at Maple Leaf Gardens to demand good jobs, public services, workers rights and the recall of the legislature.  For more information visit: http://ofl.ca/index.php/campaigns/democraticrights/ 



Staff Appointment

CAW President Ken Lewenza has appointed Chris Buckley, CAW Local 222 President and National Executive Board member, to CAW staff as a service representative working out of the CAW's Toronto office, effective Sunday, February 3, 2013.

2012/2013 Bursary Awards

The CAW National union and CAW Council offer 25 bursaries to students each year. These bursaries are named after individuals who have made a difference in the lives of working people and to the CAW.
The bursaries are awarded to the sons/daughters of CAW members in good standing entering their first year of full-time post-secondary education in a Canadian institution such as university, community college or a technological institute.
Each bursary is worth $2000. Below is a list of bursary winners for the 2012/13 school year.

CAW Council Bursary Recipients
Terry Fox Memorial Bursary

Lauren Kangas - daughter of Kari Kangas, CAW Local 112, Alexandra Sotola - daughter of Mark Sotola, CAW Local 199.

Rosemary Brown Memorial Bursary

Sasha Maleki - son of Morteza Maleki, CAW Local 114, Hayley Clark - daughter of Dorian Clark, CAW Local 111.

Bud Jimmerfield Memorial Bursary

Eric H.R. Flim - son of Glenn H. Flim, CAW Local 222, Natalie Posala - daughter of Artur Posala, CAW Local 200.

Larry Bauer Memorial Bursary

Calvin Diep - son of Canduc Diep, CAW Local 1285, Maxwell Nemeth - son of James Nemeth, CAW Local 444.

Patrick Joseph McEvoy Memorial Bursary

Moises Duot - son of Moises Sr & Maria Duot,  CAW Local 3003, Korie Werner - daughter of Dennis Werner, CAW Local 3005.

Tom Pickford Memorial Bursary

Holly MacKinnon - daughter of Kimberly MacKinnon, CAW Local 4600, Alana Seifried - member of CAW Local 414.

CAW National Bursary Recipients
Jim Ashton Memorial Bursary

Cady Bush - daughter of Cathy Bush, CAW Local 4451, Patrick Murphy - son of Pat Murphy, CAW Local 27.

Dan Benedict Memorial Bursary

Emilie Lemieux - daughter of Édouard Fournier, CAW Local 911, Allison Li - daughter of Hai Qin Liang, CAW Local 2458.

Nelson Mandela Bursary

Nabil Afzal - son of Rehmat Afzal, CAW Local 40, Rachelle MacFarlane - daughter of Rob MacFarlane, CAW Local 219.

Cesar Chavez Memorial Bursary

Kevin Maynard - son of Geraldine Maynard, CAW Local 555.

Tommy Douglas Memorial Bursary

Aamanda Griffith - daughter of Murti Griffith, CAW Local 4209, Inez Smith - daughter of Craig Smith, CAW Local 302.

Dennis McDermott Memorial Bursary

Janelle Falletta - daughter of Mike & Josie Falletta, CAW Local 707, Breanna Greer - daughter of Heather Greer-Massie, CAW Local 195.

Victor Reuther Memorial Bursary

Ashley LaFonte - daughter of Michael LaFonte, CAW Local 1090, Calvin Young - son of George W. Young, CAW Local 2002.


CEP News.

Here is a snapshot of some of the latest events and news occurring at the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union:

 CEP President to Oppose Keystone XL in New York City
As Contact went to press, Dave Coles, National President of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP) was scheduled to be in New York City to oppose the proposed Keystone XL pipeline and call on US President Barack Obama to reject the project.
Coles will be part of a panel discussion on the role of trade unions in confronting the climate crisis organized by the Worker Institute at Cornell and the Joseph S. Murphy Institute at the City University of New York.
"As Canada's largest energy union, CEP has always believed strongly that the climate crisis must be addressed in the most pressing terms," said Coles. "It is why we oppose export pipelines such as Keystone XL that sell off our oil resources and kill jobs in the process."
A CEP media release states that the union believes that it is necessary to transition away from fossil energies by reducing emissions and investing in green energies while ensuring a just transition for energy workers and their communities. 
CEP, with 120,000 members is the largest union in several key sectors of Canada's economy, including forestry, energy, telecommunications and media. CEP represents some 35,000 members employed in oil and gas extraction, transportation, refining, and conversion in the petrochemical and plastics sectors. 
Delegates to CAW and CEP conventions have voted in favour of a proposal to join the unions together. The new union's nullfounding convention will be August 30 to September 1, 2013.

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