November 30, 2012

Volume 42, No.42

Ending Violence Against Women Speak Out, Take Action

 The following is a CAW Statement titled 'On December 6- We Remember and We Fight for Justice and Change with Aboriginal Women:'
Canada has a shameful history of its treatment of aboriginal women and the lack of concern for their lives and well-being.
Sisters, friends, mothers, daughters, partners and loved ones, gone missing, murdered and their bodies never found.   Never found, never investigated, never solved and in many cases, their killers never brought to justice.
These are the women whose lives have been violently ripped from them, their strength and vitality, suddenly and forever extinguished.  And grieving families who will never share another moment with their loved ones again.
Since the 1980s, it has been estimated that thousands of aboriginal women have gone missing and have been murdered. There are more than 582 documented cases alone, unofficial accounts are significantly higher. Grave violence against aboriginal women has been at crisis levels for years. Disgracefully, women and their families have faced incredible indifference from all levels of government and law enforcement.
The disappearance and murder of hundreds of aboriginal women is a national travesty, deserving of serious attention and immediate action by all levels of government. Law enforcement agencies and government have instead acted as a barrier to solving many of these cases, and have repeatedly failed to intervene, in a way that would have saved lives.
The lives of aboriginal women are not to be dismissed or forgotten.
The CAW supports the call for a national public inquiry and a national framework of action to address the issue of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls in Canada.
This year for the December 6th commemoration of the 1989 Montreal Massacre, the CAW is pledging to support the ongoing efforts of the Native Women's Association of Canada to draw attention to the missing and murdered aboriginal women and push for a national inquiry.
To find out more, please visit:
The National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women is a day commemorated in Canada each December 6, the anniversary of the 1989 École Polytechnique Massacre, where 14 women were singled out because of their gender and murdered.


Thank You for Your Solidarity

The following is an excerpt from a thank you note to CAW President Ken Lewenza from Matthew Scuby, Communications Coordinator, SP Group, PIPSC Steward sent November 17, 2012.




CAW President Ken Lewenza with PIPSC spokesperson Matthew Scuby







I wanted to thank you personally for taking the time to join us on Parliament Hill yesterday and for your rousing address to our union, the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC). We are a union of 60,000 dedicated public service professionals working in areas such as science, engineering, health care, financial auditing, and information technology.
My bargaining unit, the Applied Science & Patent Examination Group (SP) of PIPSC, is fighting for the protection of public services and the preservation of evidence-based decision making. We are the chemists, biologists, meterologists, scientific regulatory officiers, foresters, agricultural scientists, actuaries, physical scientists, and patent examiners working hard to protect Canadians.


Workers Look to Premiers for Much-Needed Good Job Creation

Provincial Premiers must seize the opportunity created by Council of the Federation meetings November 22 and 23 to discuss ways to create good value-added  jobs and improve the Canadian economy said labour leaders whose members have been hard-hit in the manufacturing sector.
"Workers are reminding premiers and absentee Prime Minister Stephen Harper that we need real action to get the economy back on track," said CEP National President Dave Coles. "How telling that our Prime Minister is missing this important meeting in a region where the forestry sector has been decimated and thousands have lost their jobs."
"There is still no light at the end of the tunnel for working people who have been living with growing inequality since the 2008 recession," said CAW National President Ken Lewenza. "Tens of thousands of Canadians are among the long-term unemployed or can find only precarious employment. There are countless ways to prioritize value-added job creation and our governments are failing to follow through."
On November 22, CEP as part of the Blue Green Alliance Canada released a report titled More Bang for our Buck, which describes the job creation potential of investing the $1.3 billion in federal subsidies, now given to the oil and gas sector, in renewable energy, energy efficiency and public transit. The results show that six to eight times more jobs could be created: 18,000-20,000 jobs in clean energy sectors vs. 2,300 jobs in oil and gas.
The Council of the Federation is a twice yearly meeting of provincial and territorial leaders from across Canada.


FFAW/CAW 10th Constitutional Convention

FFAW/CAW held its 10th Constitutional Convention at Hotel Gander on November 26-27, 2012. 
FFAW President Earle McCurdy gave the President's Report, outlining challenges and successes over the last three years and pledged that the union will continue to fight for members, families and communities in the years ahead.  CAW National President Ken Lewenza, Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour President Lana Payne and Marc Allain from the Independent Fish Harvesters Movement were among the guest speakers.
Close to 200 delegates attended the Convention.

CAW Local 504 Gives Back

CAW Local 504 and OLG Brantford Casino committee making United Way donation in Brantford, Ontario.



CEP News.
Here is a snapshot of some of the latest events and news occurring at the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union

Cutting jobs at provincial public broadcaster puts quality on chopping block

The job losses announced on November 14 at TVO will be harmful to the quality of content produced by the station. In an announcement that morning, TVO said it is cutting roughly 40 jobs and long-standing shows such as Saturday Night at the Movies, Allan Gregg in Conversation, and Big Ideas.
"It is a very sad day at TVO. We are losing some iconic shows that have been running for years and it is going to affect a lot of people and their employment here", said Steve Thomas, President of CEP Local 72-M.
"The Ontario Liberal government went after the province's teachers, and now they are going after its public broadcaster", said Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union (CEP) Vice-President Media Peter Murdoch. "It is a failed solution to reduce staff positions to try and improve the situation of the station."
TVO announced today its operating grant will be reduced by 5% as of April 1, 2013. The announcement also focused on the station's intent to focus on interactive and multi-platform digital content.
"Having a flashy website is great, but it is worthless without sufficient staff to produce interesting content for viewers", added Murdoch. "Cutting the very people that will bring an audience back to the station will only exacerbate current difficulties."
The Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada is the largest union in several key sectors of Canada's economy, including forestry, energy, telecommunications and media. The union's 120,000 members work at a wide variety of jobs in hundreds of different workplaces across the country. Delegates to CAW and CEP conventions have voted in favour of a proposal to join the unions together. The new union's founding convention will be August 30 to September 1, 2013.


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