Power Shift 2012

Ottawa, ON

October 26, 2012

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Power Shift 2012 Climate and Environmental Justice Conference and Parliament Hill Rally
October 26-29, 2012

Ottawa, Ontario
October 29, 2012

Cameron Fenton
Canadian Youth Climate Coalition Director

"We are in Power Shift 2012. Right now there are over one thousand youth that have come from across Canada for a weekend of keynote speeches from some big speakers like Naomi Klein, Winona LaDuke, Bill McKibben as well all day Saturday and all day today there have been panels, workshops about issues, as well as skill building sessions, so people are learning the tools they'll need to communicate, run campaigns, educate fellow youth."

Melisa LaRue
CAW Local 444

"The overall goal of Power Shift is not only to end fossil fuel subsidies but to get individuals to go back to their home communities and start these regional power shifts. So it's easier for people, in the regions, to come together, learn, to mobilize and continue the movement. So I hope to be part of a regional power shift."

Ben Powless
Indigenous Environmental Network

"Primarily, one of the things we are pumping people up for is to really push the Canadian government to abandon the 1.4 billion dollars in fossil fuel subsidies. to abandon their approach of violating human rights of indigenous communities in the name of tar sands fossil fuel expansion."

Jamie Biggar
Leadnow.ca Executive Director

"Climate change, climate justice are the defining issues of our times. It's through working on that issue that we can build a more democratic society and a more fair economy and respond to the incredible existential threat of the climate crisis."

Kathryn Lennon
Power Shift Organizing Committee Member

"We hope that they will take away this understanding of the connections between economic, social and environmental justice under the umbrella of climate justice. We hope that they will take away also a connectivity, a feeling that they are part of a broader movement of people everywhere who are fighting for climate justice."

 Philippe Lavoie
CAW Local 414

"I am here to represent my local and union workers and retail workers in Ontario and really see how our union and workers in the retail sector, which isn't the most environmentally friendly sector, can help out and what we can do to really make change. If there is no clean environment, if we do not have a sustainable planet then it doesn't matter how good a job you have."

Naomi Klein
Author, The Shock Doctrine- The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

"We have to be about winning. Not just about showing up, making a point or making our voices heard. It is not good enough not given these stakes. You are coming of age in a society at war with your future. Where it wants to weigh you down with student debt, deny you dignified work or ravage the natural system upon which all life depends. All future depends. That's what joins all of this."

Winona LaDuke
Author Activist

"In the end we have to deal with the systemic issues of a predator society. Because that is what we live in a society based on empire, based on conquest and it is not sustainable. The economy will fail if we do not stop the leak that we have. Whether it is the haemorrhaging of the single largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world which exists right now to oil companies. That is kind of a leak. Or the fact that each and everyone of our communities leaks out most of its food and energy economy to purchases from elsewhere. That is a leak."

Bill McKibben
Founder 350.org

"It is really important to keep fighting these terrible projects all these fights are important but we are not going to do it one pipeline or one coal mine at a time. We are either going to get real structural and systemic reform, we are either going to break the power of the fossil fuel industry or they are going to break the planet. Those are the two possibilities. And our job is to stop them. Every day that passes as this resistance builds around the globe I get more and more confident and looking around this room tonight I've got to say that I really like the odds. I look forward so much to fighting with you all. Thank you."

Crystal Lameman
Beaver Lake Cree First Nations Activist

"I am here today on the steps of Parliament to tell everyone that the government is giving money to industry at the cost of human live, air life, water life. Raping and pillaging the land of my ancestors while deliberately ignoring the basic human rights to clean air and water and our inherent and constitutionally protected rights. "

Robin Tress
Power Shift Organizer

"Today we are having a toxic trick or treat march around Parliament Hill. It is starting here with some speeches and some planting of garlic to ward off the evil corporate vampires and then we will be marching around town to a couple of different stops to show our numbers and use the skills we learned this weekend and to get excited about climate action."

CAW Making A Difference.

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