Jazz CSA/ACS: Looking for Efficiencies at Workers' Expense

November 2, 2012, 9:40 AM EST

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On October 29-31, 2012 in Toronto, the Jazz Customer and Aircraft Services (CSA/ACS) bargaining committee met with representatives from the company to open negotiations. 

CAW National President Ken Lewenza and Assistant to the President Bob Orr attended a portion of the negotiations, committing the full support of the CAW to the Jazz CSA/ACS membership.

On the first day of bargaining, detailed presentations were given by CAW National Representative Joel Fournier and Jazz Director of Labour Relations Kirk Newhook. Bargaining Committee Chairperson Shirley Anderson outlined the union's non-monetary demands.

The company reciprocated with their non-monetary proposals, comprised of initiatives that give the company further control of members that are governed by this agreement.

On the following day, both sides exchanged those proposals that have a monetary component attached. The company introduced a number of contentious issues that would negatively impact the membership:
. contracting out over 30% of the work force (300 jobs, above and below the wing)
. the introduction of a "B" pay scale
. reductions in sick time allotments
. restrictions in vacation allotments
. flexibility in time bank usage and schedules 

"These are the most aggressive and egregious proposals that we have seen outside of CCAA in 2003," said Fournier. "And this from a company that is making money."

This proposal is viewed as a tactical measure on the company's part to force the union to file for conciliation.  Rest assured that this feeble attempt has not shaken or surprised your union.

The union understands that sustaining a viable, healthy company is in everyone's best interest. However, the race to the bottom is not the answer," comments Local 2002 President Jamie Ross. "Members ask why they are continually forced to take cuts. Jazz is making a healthy profit and the workers deserve their share."

Jazz states on its website, that it is "a company that is all about teamwork, unity, and a feeling that anything is possible when people come together." 

As talks continue the committee remains confident that both sides can come together in a mutually beneficial agreement. The bargaining committee will meet again with the company on November 27-29, 2012 in Toronto.

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