Big Three Bargaining Review

Toronto, Hamilton, Oshawa, ON

October 1, 2012

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Big Three Bargaining Review
September, 2012

Toronto, Hamilton, Oshawa, Ontario
September, 2012

Gary Beck
Chairperson Master Bargaining Ford, President Local 707

"The membership made it very clear to the bargaining committee that you wanted us to draw the line in the sand with jobs in our plant and try to bring back premium jobs and I think we have succeeded in that."

 Leon Rideout
CAW Local 1285 President

"We stuck our ground and we got pattern across all three companies. It was a tough haul and a long ways but you know we got here and we've got a good agreement here that we can all feel proud of."

Chris Buckley
Chairperson Master Bargaining GM, President Local 222

"We all said going into this that our members should share in the company's success and I believe we've delivered that when you look at the lump sum payments that are going to go into our members pockets. We knew going in we had to control fixed costs. But at the same time we had to ensure that our members shared in GM's recent success. We had to ensure that we remained attractive for future investment and that we did sisters and brothers."

Dino Chiodo
Chairperson Master Bargaining Chrysler, President Local 444

"If we didn't have the pattern, I don't think we'd be here talking about the amazing things that were started off with Ford and then at GM. So we stuck to our principals. We continued to maintain that higher standard. We never got into the two tier because that is a fundamental principal we are against. No COLA is something we will not accept. No profit sharing, this is something we are not interested in because we do not want profit sharing what so ever. We've put plans in place to continue to grow, to become stronger and I believe, just like the retirees before us, we've put that foundation in place through this round of bargaining and we are going to continue to build on that. For doing what is in the best interest of our members, we take no shame in that."

Ken Lewenza
CAW National President
"It is incredibly important that we have a good discussion about where we have been, where we are going to, our history and quite frankly future generations. I believe it is all connected.

Never forget the importance of pattern bargaining. The reality is we had a strategic plan going into negotiations to get a collective agreement that controlled fixed costs, that provided our memberships some modest improvements and gave our membership an opportunity to share in some very recent success after a decade of challenges. So today we bring to you a pattern agreement that makes sure that General Motor's, Ford's and Chrysler's workers are treated the same. And what is the rational for pattern bargaining? To make sure that no company has an advantage or disadvantage as a result of labour costs. Now the good thing about pattern bargaining in the big three is the unorganized workers at Honda and Toyota, who hopefully some day will join our union, their wages and benefits are guaranteed now for the life of this agreement as a result of the work we did here because they pay their workers, the active members, consistently with what we get paid on an active basis to keep the union out.

I also want to raise with all of you, because I do think it is important. Brothers and sisters, make no mistake about it. We have to get active in our communities and we have to get active in our country. We have to bargain reciprocal trade and if government doesn't join in partnership in enhancing this particular business then our jobs, our income, the security of our active members, the security of our pensions will continue to be challenged. It has got to be about the collective good of our nation, it has got to be us fighting for what is right. It is us fighting for future generations. We will fight for every CAW member and the addition of new members in the next few months. We'll fight like no other union in the world for the interest of our members. But brothers and sisters beyond that fighting for ourselves, its fighting for others, to give people hope, to raise expectations, to say there is a better society.

Thank you brothers and sisters. All of you stand up right now and give yourselves an applause for the sacrifices you've made, for the support of your union, for the determination of your community. Thank you brothers and sisters."


CAW Making A Difference.

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