Ford Bargaining

Toronto, ON

September 17, 2012

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CAW Announces Tentative Agreement
with Ford of Canada
September 17, 2012

Toronto, Ontario
September 17, 2012

Ken Lewenza
CAW National President

"Today we are announcing a tentative agreement. We just met with Ford of Canada and our master bargaining committee and our local bargaining committees have unanimously agreed to take to our membership a tentative collective agreement that we believe meets the objective of our union and of course meets the objectives of our membership but just as important meets the objectives of Ford Motor Company in terms of their position for future investment as we all know are challenging times in the auto industry. So let me take a few moments to give you a brief explanation of the tentative agreement that we will ask Chrysler and General Motors to accept as a pattern settlement.

This collective agreement is a four year collective agreement it runs until 2016. The important aspect of this agreement was jobs and when we came into negotiations we had in excess of eight hundred Ford workers laid off and the ford master bargaining committee said to themselves our first priority is to get those eight hundred people back to work. This collective agreement, over the life of the agreement, will give every laid off worker an employment opportunity to work at Ford Motor Company so that is incredibly important.

In the second, third and fourth years of the collective agreement our members will receive a two thousand dollar lump sum payment which we will call a cost of living improvement lump sum payment. We also agreed to have a ratification productivity and quality bonus, to be paid out within three to four weeks following bargaining, of three thousand dollars. Needless to say we said to the corporation that we would maintain fixed costs but we would not give up the principals of cost of living and our members will have that money in their pockets in a lump sum payment.

There is no change to our pension plan for our active members. Ford Motor Company agreed that there would be no changes to our pension plan and no changes to the eligibility of our pension plan and again we recognize their work in supporting the union's vision of having good pension plans providing good opportunities for future generations.

The objective of our union is to represent the interests of our members, our families and our communities. You have to make sure you have jobs. We positioned ourselves to maintain every single job. We do not anticipate anyone laid off at the end of this agreement and we actually anticipate, if Ford Motor Company has a business plan as they suggested to us, that there will be hiring opportunities during the life of this collective agreement which will give the next generation an opportunity to have a decent job working for a good employer and being represented by an incredibility good union in the CAW."

CAW Making A Difference.

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