Hope in High Heels Walk 2012

Halton, ON

September 9, 2012

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Hope in High Heels CAW Raises $45,000.00
for Halton Women's Place
September 9, 2012

Oakville, Ontario September 9, 2012

Carm Bozzo
Halton Women's Place Development Officer

"Today is our Hope in High Heels event. It is an annual event that we hold in Oakville and Burlington. Its a men's walk in "Heels" so we encourage all the men to come out. The heels are high but the walk is short and the cause is so worthy. We are here to just raise more awareness about ending violence against women.

This year I have to raise six hundred thousand dollars to meet our budget so that is very difficult and you just never know with the economy. So raising forty five thousand dollars with the CAW's assistance is just a godsend, really it is incredible. It will help the shelter, help the women and children that really need our support a great deal."

 Diane Beaulieu
Halton Women's Place Executive Director

"Violence against women is not a women's issue, that is what we need to remember, that is what all these men are here for. It is a societal issue which will not change without the support of men."

Diane Clemons
The Michael "Pinball" Clemons Foundation

"My sister passed away at the age of thirty seven and she was in an abusive relationship and I am just here to say this morning that it can happen in any home. It doesn't matter who you are and this morning I am here to say that I am my sister's voice."

Michael "Pinball" Clemons
The Michael "Pinball" Clemons Foundation

"Real men don't hit women but even more that that, real men put women first."

Rob Burton
Mayor of Oakville, ON

"You guys are doing the very best thing, you are modelling the behaviour that we men have to model in order to lead other men away from violence against women. "

CAW Assistant to the National President
Jerry Dias and son Jordan

"It really is about the type of community that we want and we demand and we desire. We need to think about the women today who are living in violent situations that aught not to be and we need to walk so that they know we are here for them and we are going to be a part of the solution. We are here today to walk because we care.

We have a lot of respect for the women in our union because they have taught us to be better men. The women in our union have taught us that it is men who are causing the problem and it is men's responsibility to fix violence against women and it is something that we take seriously. We understand that we need to be the solution because we are in fact the problem.

This is about righting a wrong, so I am so glad about seeing so many of our CAW brothers and sisters out here today, it is so important. It shows what type of an organization we are. The fact that Ken is here speaks volumes about what it is we are trying to accomplish. It's hurting but I'll do it again."

Ken Lewenza
CAW National President

"I am incredibly proud of the CAW membership here and I am incredibly proud that Jerry Dias is the leader in terms of the fundraising, education and getting the message out. This is a significant symbolic gesture from men saying: "We are going to stop violence against women"."

CAW Making A Difference.

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